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It was yesterday, easy and light time out in field doing some casual day game approaches. I did my missionary 5 approaches+ (6 total), one of them was 2set and I went for the girls I really want to. [approached one super hot chick!]  No closes this time though, but I don't sweat it, I had fun anywayz, and I haven't yet proceeded further on my previous closes so the main focus was on fun factor.

I felt good and light, relaxed in general throughout the session, the approach anxiety is gradually fading away into the background after five days of approaching in a row.

I kick it off with 2set, thought of it as a warm up set, my voice is unstifled from singing in the car and I enjoy the sound of it, the girls giggle, one of them replies but the other one drags her forward, poof, gone, don't care. Fire off couple more approaches which also go nowhere. Don't care.

Then I see her, the sexy girl from my teenage dreams, lol. She's wearing schoolgirl's mini skirt (she's not a schoolgirl though, too mature) and there's a strong wind yesterday, it's kind of perverted but the wind occassionaly raises her skirt as she goes and it's sexy as fuck, hot hot. I chase after her. She's walking very fast by the way, so I keep walking after her for maybe two minutes until I finally catch up and approach her from behind. With a compliment too. I said, 'hi, I think you look just beautiful'. Cheesy, but it takes a LOT of courage for me to do it. Let me say it again, this girl is seriously HOT and seriously dressed in a very sexy outfit, she's also blonde and have big beautiful green eyes. Legit stuff.

Using deep breathing and smiling, and being in a very light mood in general I manage myself to be just chill enough to have a conversation while walking next to her. She's friendly, obviously flattered by my approach. I intorduce myself and we shake hands. Cool. Talk some more, she says she just came back from another country, visited her boyfriend. I think cool, her boyfriend is away but let that thought go and do not escalate. I did not attempt to close her, which thinking rationally now, I regret. ABC. Should have pushed it a little, but I did fine anyway, just approaching this type of girl is a great reference experience for me.

Schoolgirl skirt walks into some store and right away I spot my next target, I go in and introduce myself when she takes her headphones off. She's in a hurry but she likes me, but I let her go. I approach a couple more girls and go home.

I wanted to stay in field more, but I had to go, didn't have time unfortunately. (I have to be home before my girlfriend comes home, she doesn't have keys...) That kind of sucks, because I really enjoyed my time out and wanted to approach some more girls, but it is what it is.

This was a pretty intense week of day gaming. Cool, I'm happy I did what I did.

No game for me during this weekend as well, I'll lose my nice momentum a little bit, but will be back in trenches next week. Till then, guys.
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