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  Hey there. I will keep this short and to the point :)  

I did several fun sets this day, but the last one stood out extremelly for me.  

I see a 3set walking towards me, 2girls and one kinda creepy chode luring behind them. One of the girls is on the phone, that is perfect because I approach directly the hotter looking one who is not on phone and available to talk. 

I go in very direct and talk only to her at first. Shake hands and hold her hand. Then I greet her friend and say that I will talk to this girl, that I like her. 

Creepy chode becomes very defensive and comes in of course. I greet him, say 'whats up mate' and then just totally ignore him. While he keeps claiming they're in the hurry and I shouldn't talk to this girl. But I like this girl. 

 Clearly, my target girl is feeling a lot of social pressure and is uncomfortable (i'm a little bit uncomfortable too, but manage not to show it). But she holds my hand, means she likes me. Okay. I say to her girlfriend (totally ignoring creepy chode, dude's too creepy and weird, I didn't feel much love to him, not to mention his cock blocking nature..) 'can I talk to your firend for 2 minutes?' and they all keep saying 'no no we're in the hurryy bla bla bla'. Maybe they're are.

But I keep repeating 'just one minute, one minute, one minute ' to the friends and the girls breaks finally and says okay : )

 So, I have my girl for myself to work on, cool. I say, 'I realise this is awkward and weird, but I really like you and I want to get to know you better, I understand that you've to go and I don't want to keep your friends waiting, but we should meet later' I take her number and say that I really want to see her again. I really do, she's super sweet and cute girl, a bit shy but that's understandable given the situation. It was kinda bold apprach. 

We part and I text her later 'sorry if I made you uncomfortable in front of your friends, but I really like you and had yto do it and want to see you again'. She texts back. I don't remember what, but something positive.

In the evening she calls me and want to meet. Solid solid solid.

This is how you get solid number close. By approaching MIXED SETS ;) 

Do not be afraid or intimidated by sets with guys, most of them dudes are just creepy weird chodes or gay. So it's all good and to your advantage, really.

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I got busted by the police the other day for trying to pick up two silly ass chicks ;) or, should I say they tried to. 

What happened was that I approached two chicks in the street, intimidated the shit out of them, broke rapport with zero mercy, ignored all their questions, harrassed them, mocked them, full package of being full asshole dickhead. Well, they asked for it. 

I started off being very friendly and just socially vibing, but no, they were too cool to be friendly with me, they needed to be dickheads to me, so I responded accordingly after that. 

Usually I am always nice and friendly, but what pissed me this time was that these two girls weren't even hot, yet acted like ones. You know what I mean... 

So they ran away and came after with two police guys 8) and said "he talked two us!!" to which I laughed and said "yeah, I regret that". I maintained my cool friendly frame, owned police guys, dissed those girls even more in front of police, send them away, made friends with police and left to approach another girls.

Pick up is not crime, pals :)

Right after this little incident, I approached two cute girls, vibed and shared laughs, got their numbers, arranged a meeting for next day and they walked me back to my hotel. 

Cool evening. 

Sad thing is I can't share this story with no one at my social circle aka working colleagues, just RSD nation blog entry. I need a wing man, cry me a river :( 

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 I guess I knew this already, I heard instructors say this many times, I've been flaked myself many times, but still it happens'and I need to remind myself that taking a number from a girl doesn't mean shit. If you get a number, it means nothing, it only means that you enter some random new numbers into your cell phone. 

Phone number will not blow your dick! 


This girl I talked to the other day and got her number. She was really willing to meet again (I thought...). Not really, she doesn't pick her phone, doesn't reply my texts.

But at the time I've got a number, she was all like 'yeah, let's hang out, we must do it, sure, cool, bla bla bla" Whatever. The reason for this is IRRELEVANT really.

I don't really wanna know nor do I care about it for any practical reason. For the love of theory, yes, I'm interested for why it happens and it's been said and repeated many times over and over again by various RSD instructors.  

 But for me, and for other intermmediate guys like me, theory behind it is irrelevant. Completely. What is relevant though is WHY we/you/me ask for and take that number. Why?  Why not go on instant date instead or just let her join you right now instead of taking number and postponing it all to some distant future (which likely is never gonna come)? 

I know for me, I take numbers out of habit, to satisfy my ego and feel all cool and pimpish and at times to justify my early ejection from set. 

Basically just to feel good. And then rationalize about it. 

100% bullshit wack game and I need to stop doing that. Instead, push for a real close right there and then. 

Ok. I intended to write a field report, but look where I ranted to. Fuck, huh. But it's cool to come back to foundations once in a while. 

It's all social conditioning from lame movies and whatnot about phone number being something of importance, when in reality it is not. Getting numbers is EASY. Nothing of real value comes easy. SImple logic = getting numbers is not valuable ;) 

In conclusion: fuck numbers, go for a girl, not for a number. Again, a phone number can't touch your penis! 


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 Bam, day time street game again, my favorite. 

Stillmatic in my little small but relatively full of attractive young schoolgirls Romanian town with mountains in the background and drunken gypsies in the front. Here I go, my first approach! 

Funny thing is I don't get almost any anxiety (well, okay, I get some...) and approach very easy and naturally at this point when I'm solo. If I'm not solo, then it's totally different. My other people are my biggest sticking point at this moment, at this week. It's not even voice any longer. Voice is dealt with. I can raise my voice if and when it's necessary. But I'm addicted to do this solo and I can't really bring myself out when there are other guys (as in dudes) that I know around me. If they're strangers fuck them. But if it's guys from my work, then I get inside my head, kind of, and just suppress my desire in. 

I know that's gay. Anyway, on to the Field Report. 

I see this very cute, sexy-ass girl and I extend my hand as we pass by each other. She grabs onto my hand. Too bad she doesn't speak not a bit of english, but I hold her by the hand entire time I'm talking to her. She doesn't understand a word, but keeps holding my hand. Cool. It gets me some motion and emotion down there. I pull her in, for a hug, but I'm not clever enough to kiss her in that moment and I let her go. 

Half an hour later I see her again, she's with a friend now. Her firend is kind of ugly. I stick to them and walk with them, speaking, then keeping up the silence. It's awkward but I'm comfortable to be silent and quiet. You just have to imagine and convince your mind that you know them and then it becomes "normal " to shut up and you stop caring and it's all irrelevant anyway. They're not going anywhere. 

After some walking I grab the hot girl and claw her in pretty hard. She complies. I say, "go with me, let's go, you can leave your friend it's okay, go with me, bla bla" . Yeah, I'm frustrated, and I don't have verbal game at my disposal anyway, so that's the only way I can think of. It doesn't work though. She chooses her firend not me, while masses of chodes around stare at me. I smile on the inside. 

It was cool. I see this girl again next day, she's wearing make up and has her hair done, and she is really hot, omg. But next day is another story. 

This day I got nothing except reference experiences. I need to embrace more into a non-verbal communication, express my intent more clearly without words. I may even try some silent movie approach next time I'm out, like no words, just claw. Pure claw. It is growing stronger by the way. I still remember the days I was shy to use a claw on the girls I just met. Silly, absolutely silly. 

Also, most girls I meet here, they have boyfriends. And I believe them, and I don't really know how to deal with it. I ignore the fact, I diss the fact, I make fun of the fact, but the fact remains, and the girls is not willing to go for me. I guess that's the realities of small town. 

I will go out again, and I will get lost in translation again, and I will claw the girls in again, and I will smile again. On the inside of course. You can't let a know that you're happy. Just kidding, I've been reading too much of a pimp books. 

Peace out of here. 

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 Oi! It was my day off from work and decided to descend from my mountain cabin and go to the nearest town to do some day game. 

That is exactly what I did. Around ten (but probably) more girls approached, I don't really count my approaches anymore, because I rarely get approach anxiety these days and because it is small town and number of girls is limited so I just approach every girl that crosses my path. Yeah, it's cool baby.

Most of these girls don't even speak english, and I don't speak their language so often my approaches are bizzarre and hilarious. Well, to me at least. And it's mostly underage school girls I approach, I can't get too picky, I must hit on underage girls, I'm talking 15-17 years old here. If I only approach girls above 18 I won't get nothing done or I'd have to go for unattractive old and used women. Nah nah nah. The younger the better. I look (and feel) like a teenager myself, anyway :) 

First approach was the first hot girl I noticed, I literally had to go after her, basically run after her, because she was walking in front, for like two or three hundred meters. I catch her up finally. In a grocery store, while she's paying for whatever the fuck she bought there. She's a really solid blondie girl with an amazingly round ass. Too bad her friend is the most unattractive girl I've seen all week long. And none of them speaks english. 
Fuck. Her attitude is as she'd like to meet me but is lost in translation and worries about her friend. I go for physical escalation, it is the last straw for me as nothing else is working, but she resists the claw. 

All cool. All other approaches were pretty much textbook. Got 2 numbers, one from a cute 16 years old with HUGE BOOBS, I could literally feel the boobs pressing against me when I hugged her. She doesn't speak english neither, by the way, not a word, but somehow I arranged to meet her again on Monday. 
Another phone number I took was from a very cute blonde girl. She's 17 and speaks well in english, so it was a relief to communicate. And she's into me. You know that a girl is into you, when her voice is trembling and her palms are sweaty. Hehe, I am intimidating, no joke. 
Solid solid number close. Solid girl too, except for her being still a highschool undergrad. 

I've also approached one mixed set. (one of my biggest fears, for some reason) .. This set was an EYES OPENER for me. How silly it is to avoid mixed set. A guy was a full complete chode, when I came in it was the dude in set who was most uncomfortable. That makes sense, really, even if I go in very low I'm still better off than most of guys out there, just because I'm more used to approach strangers than he is used to be approached by a stranger (for most guys, again). He was so submissive I even felt pity for him and left after a minute or so. I was hungry too and the girl was not that attractive after all. 

Lots of fun, lots of good and positive reference points. 

Some girls loved me, some girls didn't, amazing. 

i want more of this. Peace, I'm out. 

P.S. This is a hilarious song, but I think I'm in love with a girl who's in it. Just kidding (?). 

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 Hit the streets of my fucking boring small town. It is already getting dark, twilight time if you may.

I see two young and cute girls sitting on the bench. I've seen them before, coupla days back in the grocery store but didn't approach then. Today I do it. Greet them and sit them right next to one of them. They do not speak english. Do you speak body language? And I claw the one close to me, very bold and direct move, mind you. She lags for maybe five seconds or so, then suddenly realise what is happening and jumps off the bench and away from me pissed. Her friend is pissed and frowning too. "Bad" reaction, huh. Smile is not gonna work, so I frown as much as I can myself, kinda overfrowning to mock them. It breaks them, now they giggle. But they're not into physical game, and have zero verbal game. Not in their language anyways. Bounce off.

Next. Another 2set. Two very tiny and cute students. These girls are very shy and uncomfortable at first, they're fidgeting their asses off, but I try to be as relaxing as possibly can, and they slowly get comfortable talking to me. Say I can walk them home to their friends etc. No way. Because I see two hotter girls passing by into another direction. Politely say bye to the ones I was talking and walking with, say I'm hungry and gotta go to eat. Fast.

Go after the hotter ones. Into the grocery store on the corner. Creepy one too, weird bums are standing near the entrance and it is dark already. Go in anyway. In the store I see even hotter girl. At first I RESIST the idea, I feel very uncomfortable about, but fuck it – reference experience, right?;)

Excuses aside, I open her. She speaks good english, and has generally friendly and nice attitude towards me. Cool. But she has a boyfriend too. Not cool. I say no problem, we can meet as friends. Basically I just want to get a meeting with her again, and go from there. She's tempted, ponders it over in her mind, but no. Fuck.

Later I see her with her boyfriend, they are eating sunflower seeds. What the fuck? I feel kinda bad and sorry for her. I should have gone in again, and replaced her boyfriend with myself. She's way too cute for the lame guy. But I passed on the opportunity, not enough momentum for something of that bold a move :/

One more notable approach I did : I see a girl I've approached before, some weeks ago, she's on the phone, I say hi, I think I know you from before. Grab her hand and pull her in. She's giggling on the phone, speaks no english though. I hug her and let her go.
Girl was into me, what I should have done instead, is go more caveman like on her, attempt to kiss her or something. This really bugged me, I think I missed some fun experiences there.

Despite that, all is only positive. There's no negatives in this report. As hard as I try to look for it, it was all very light hearted, fun and positive. I just want more of this, push and go harder and deeper.

I can be pretty bold and direct at times, but I am not consistent. Since I don't consider myself as newb, I think this is what an intermmediate purgatory is, or whatever they call it.

Pimp it harder next time.

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:) okay. So I am currently consciously putting my efforts and mental focus on talking loud. I want to improve in this area, I want to talk loudly unconsciously, without much efforts. That is my goal, in order to achieve it I know I have to put A LOT OF conscious efforts. 

In my work there is a guy, whom maybe because he's a little deaf or whatever the reason I don't care, but if I don't speak loud and clear enough, he will always goes "What?!" :) very much like that character from movie Pulp Fiction, but when I do speak loud and clear he doesn't say "What?!". 

At first it was very annoying and I would even get pissed off at him, but now I realize that that's actually what I need. This guy and his "what?"  is like a present from the Gods or something to me. 

So. This week I am determined to hear no more "What?" from him. Enough. 

Speak clear and loud. 

That's all I wanted to say and share for today.  


P.S. this scene is one of my favorites ever in movies history, just EPIC, nothing else. 

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 Okay, so I have been meditating daily for about a month now. Cool stuff. 

I want to share what I have got out of it, what I learned and realized about meditation from this past month. Again, keep in mind, it's just my thoughts on it as a beginner, you might have a totally different experience from it, especially if you're "advanced" in it. 

But here are the benefits of meditation from my perspective: 

1) Meditation builds your willpower.

Try and sit idle for 20 minutes without any kind of external stimulation. If you're not used to it, it's fucking hard, lemme tell you! I mean, currently I am working at soul destroying (literally) job, working hard every day, YET when I sit down late in the evening to do my meditation bit, it feels like there's nothing harder to do in the entire world! It is the damn HARDEST thing I do all day. (Again, I'm not used to it, some of you with more experience or more "presence" in their lives might just laugh at this) But for me, to sit idle, shutting the mind off from popping all those thoughts - it takes A LOT OF willpower to so. 

And I notice my willpower actually increased over this month, not much, but it definetely got stronger. I have much more control over my thoughts and emotions than one or two months ago. 

2) Meditation helps you to realize (actually, it's more of, "shoves it right into your face") that you're a stimulus junkie. 

It shows you that you're ADDICTED to external stimulation. (Again, if you're not then you're not...) You realize that you're running on autopilot most of the day! When you sit there trying to focus on your breathing and clear your mind, and different thoughts and same mind patterns keep popping up, you get to see that you don't have as much control over yourself as you probably thought you have. You even catch yourself scratching or biting your nails, very much alike just as some drug addict. It's painful. You feel almost like stripped down, in torture and you'd rather watch some youtube video than do this. 

How's this a benefit? First step to recovery is realizing that you actually do have an addiction. I know I've denied it for YEARS. 

3) Meditation slows you down. 

Mentally, of course. If you do this, emotions slightly lose their power over you, mental noise clears up inside your head. You get yourself more centered internally. 

That is especially huge benefit if you're doing meditation in the evening, before bed time. As it slows you down and you get much better quality sleep that night. 

4) Meditation increases your self love. 

You start to realize that it's all there is, and that you only have yourself. That your body and mind are the only things that you will always have. So you better love them and take good care of them. Kind of. This one is hard to explain. And I'm still not sure if meditation is the cause for this, or I'm just becoming more narcissistic because of some other reasons. 

So that is it. I just wanted to share it, share some love, y'know :) 

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 I was holding back this report for over a week now, but fuck it, time to share it. It is embarrassing. Is it really? I don't know, actually I would like to be embarrassed, but I don't know.. Ok, who cares. 

I had a day and an evening off. And I took my ass to the downtown/oldtown (it's the same shit in this town) when the sun set herself down and the darkness landed upon. Beast mode is on! 

Made tons of approaches, I remember. Got some good reactions, some laughs, some cold faces and frowns. All was good. Did some physical openings. Overall, I was pretty well off that night, and things looked good and promising to maybe even find some nice girl. 

Instead I found two prostitutes. Eventually they introduced themselves as hooker girls. It was funny cause I approached them thinking it's just another 2set, and I even had to plow thru the initial defenses to get them interested. And then, out of blue, one them ask "Do you want sex?"  LOL.. 

Because I did, I had to pay for the blowjob :/ It was pretty good too. And then, after, I had to project my voice into the best breaking rapport tonality I could do to throw them hoes off of my hotel room. 

I guess I was really frustrated for some "love". But then I got angry and pushed them out. Then I chilled and meditated for 20 minutes. Daily habit. 

Here it is, quite unusual field report. God bless Romania. 

Now I will be paranoid all girls are bitches :( 

Key Point: don't be a sucker, be pimp (next time) 
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 Hello, I want to share some quick and priceless insight here. 

One of the biggest challenges you meet when going out solo, is getting your voice right, yes? I mean it is hard to speak loud and project your voice, when you have nobody to talk to and warm up except those strangers in the street or bar or club. And if you're already stifled it's very difficult to unstifle yourself and be loud talking to a stranger.  

Solution is to get unstifled before you talk to girls. But HOW TO DO IT WHEN YOU'RE OUT SOLO??? 

Speak to yourself. Out loud. Speak out loud alone and get your voice loud! Sounds too weird? It is werid. So, if you're worried about people calling mental help for you (as you should be :) here's real trick: 

Take out your cellphone, put it to your ear and pretend like you're talking to a friend! 

Simple, yet effective and genius. You can speak as loud as you want. Nobody will care, nobody will think you're insane. Everybody assumes you're just talking on the phone, while in reality you're just unstifling and warming up your voice! 

Just remember, when you see that attractive girl, you must hang up and go talk to her ;) 

This works very well for me. Let me know how does this work for you. It is weird at first, but you get used to it quick enough and it's actually quite fun and efficient way to get into that "loud talking" mode when you're going out alone. 

Cheers, feedback is appreciated. 

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