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 “It all comes down to feel,” states AL-P. “We’re interested in making people feel like they want to dance, at least a little bit, so it’s all about whatever it takes to get people there.”

AL-P is one of the mstrminds behind MSTRKRFT, the famous electronic music artist.

And so we come back to one of the most prominent axioms in PUA. "Change her heart, not her mind." And that is essentially what we as PUAs do. We make them feel something. With our enthusiastic stories, our wit, humor and incredible confidence. We, by the virtue of our own light, give others the permission to shine. PUA isn't about being an incredible manipulator, even though you can get results that way. It's about being an incredible man. It's about stripping away all the layers and all the nonsense covering your true core personality, and letting it out there, so others understand that it's okay for them to do the same. I forget who it was, but there was someone who related women's attraction to a sort of steady line, and whenever they felt something, that line bounced to the positive or negative. And the more it moved, (the more emotions you made them feel) the more they became attracted to you. This is why jackasses can get women easily. They make them feel terrible, but they make them feel SOMETHING.

And so it is our goal to make them bounce to the positive. To show them a high value man, who is able to share his passions and thoughts readily and easily, who isn't needy, and has an inner core confidence. To take them out to do things that other guys don't do, on tiny adventures in their life. To show them that we don't just 'get by', we live life. We seize the day by the fucking throat, and make it give us it's milk money. That is the difference between PUA and AFC. It's not what you say, the best PUAs pick up with nothing more than "Hi, my name is..." It's not how you dress, or how you look, or how much money you have. It's how you make them feel. So if you want her to bounce with you, make it an adventure. Don't just say "Hey lets go to x place." say "I've got something really exciting to show you, c'mon. No, no questions. It's a surprise."

I've found that girls react to games and adventures more than almost anything else. As I was kino testing a girl, ("Let's find out how confident you are, put your hands out like so, now put them on top of mine" <-- Make note of the small steps to achieve the goal, it wasn't "Put your hands on top of mine.") She said, with a big silly grin on her face, "I don't know what we're doing, but I like it." It's simple, if you find it fun and interesting, she will too, especially if you're teaching her something about herself in the process.

In the same vein, it's essentially useless to attempt to convince a woman with logic. They simply do not think that way. The sooner you attain this understanding, the sooner your success with women will skyrocket. There's no need to convince a girl that the pizza place down the street is the best place to eat because it's won awards and been in the newspaper. Tell her a story about how your mother used to take you there when you were a kid, and it's always fun to go back. Or how Italian food reminds you of a trip you took to Italy, and it's always good getting those memories back. She'll practically lead the way there.

The understanding of female psychology helps endlessly in the field. When you really ingrain the fact that women do not think with their heads, but rather, with their hearts, all the doors open. And I am in no way stating that thinking with your heart rather than your head is a bad thing, in fact, it's probably one of the reasons I love women as much as I do. Their emotions, their compassion are what drives them, and it's rather inspiring. There are times when I'm out, and I'm teasing a woman, or trying to convince her to do something, and I'll find that I'm trying to do so through the use of logic. And I'll cut back, and stop myself and say 'that's not quite how this works'. When I subsequently move towards the problem from an emotional angle, they understand and agree readily. The contrast is astounding. You can literally make a 180 while you're talking, and get to where you want to be.

The phrase stands true, and hopefully this has given you guys some insights on why.
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