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In the last week, I’ve doubled the number of subscribers on my youtube channel because I’ve released a ton of great actionable insights through a series of video interviews with amazing experts in relationships, networking, business, and mindsets.

First of all, I interviewed Amaz and Backspace from Hearthstone’s Team Archon, which is the number one video game team in the world and commanding millions of dollars in prize pools from tournaments and corporate sponsorships. I visited their players house in Las Vegas and they has a lot of surprises in store. Being that one of the owners is Amaz, who usually has over 600,000 people following his streams, he has had to deal with a lot of pressure and hard work to achieve his success and he dives into his mindset and behind the scenes secrets of his social and business life.

The other owner of Team Archon, Backspace, is also someone with a wealth of business experience having been the former Caesars Entertainment Group Seven Star High Rollers manager. He surprises me with his wit and savy on a regular basis as one of my closest local friends in Las Vegas.

You can check out the video below:


Secondly, I met up with Brandon Carter via a CNN-style remote interview to discuss how you can learn how to optimize your fitness; however, as a youtube celebrity with almost 600,000 subscribers and being a successful entrepreneur, we spent a ton of time on sharing mutual insights in the business world.

Get the interview below:


Finally, I interviewed Adam Farfan, who sold 10% of his insurance company for almost $10 million and he talks about the mindsets and secrets that allowed him to make over $500,000 ever since he was a 16 year old kid. He’s also someone who was a groomsman at my wedding.

This high content video is available here:


Check out these interviews and many more on my youtube channel if you are interested in learning from my elite mastermind group to upgrade your wealth, health, and relationships. You can get even more of a comprehensive curriculum and additional interviews by visiting RSD Founders Club at:


I have spent a week of my life working on creating a high quality educational experience by releasing the above videos and a lifetime of knowledge has allowed me to build the relationships to create the network that allows me to share this intel with you. So please don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this.


PS: If you want regular feeds and videos similar to the above videos so you can learn how to upgrade your business success and personal relationship, please subscribe to my channel at:

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