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Growing up as a young kid  i had a very powerful sex drive. I loved all types of beautiful women. as a six year old kid, i knew what sex and love was, it was a huge part, of the early stages of my existence, sex and loving relationships was sometime craved at a young age. I would remember my mom telling me, i had to be careful "in-the real world, their were people out their, that would try to trick me, with toys and candy, they would drug me to fuck me". For my mothers sake, i would pretend her words would scare me, and i would always promise to be careful, but secretly the idea of free toys, candy,and strange as always appealing to me.

As a boy i had many really cute females around me growing up, that i would fantasize about becoming my girlfriend, and i would able to fuck the shit out of them as a stud. i remember the first time i was sexual attracted to a beautiful women . I was in the first grade, her name was miss mukherjee. miss mukherjee was a new teacher in my school, that had recently graduated from college, i was one of her first students in her class, miss mukherjee had big brown  almond shape eyes, and dark short hair, with a cool hipster hippie style.

i remember a lot of the kids in my class were really rude, loud and fucked up! even by first grader standards. these kids were fucking monsters. they would do so much stupid shit!! Miss mukherjee would get mega angry with them, yell and punish them for their stupidity, i knew deep down she hate those fuckers, i quickly figured out if, i used basic logic and did the exactle opposite of what ever those shit monsters students were doing, she would love me. to make a long short short it worked i got results !!

For my love i trained myself to be quiet, very helpful, and..... mega respectful! miss mukherjee would praise me in front of the other students and other teachers. i truly loved that girl . Whenever my mom would pick me up after school, miss mukherjee would brag to my mom on how great and special i was. I was special because of my formula i crafted of being quiet, very helpful, and..... mega respectful. over the course of time, i would slowly connect this formula to have success with all women, this believe system would eventually lead my to many pickup hardships.

one year later i met my second grade teacher Mrs Franklin, Mrs Franklin was mega sexy! She had big full breast, a small waist, and a thick booty, and she always wore tight mini skirts to class. i thought she was cute so i use my quiet, very helpful, and mega respectful tactic's, on her as well, it worked liked a charm. but this year was a little different, I added a new skill set to my basket of tricks, to have success with women, I added "hiding my sexual intent'". Remember mrs Franklin always wore tight mini skirts to class, sometimes after lunch she would get a little sleep and would add, an a extra story-time for her class, because she was to lazy to teach. She would sit down, on her storying telling chair, and have the class sit down on a rug in front of her Indian style.

i would always choose too sit in front of her, because most times during her reading of a story, she would get really sleepy, and when she did, she would always spread her legs open, i would sit in front of her to see what color panties she was wearing that day, i knew i had to by careful with my peeking with her,i figured if she saw me looking up her skirt and getting turned on, by the thought of eatin her out, i was mega fucked i would get a call home !!! and it would mess up my good boy image i had so carefuly crafted with her, so i trained my little self to hide my sexual intentions, in front of all women, i was attracted to. I slowly brainwashed my self to believed, if a women knew i was sexual turned on by her, i was fucked, this new believe system for success with women along with my genius, be quiet, be very helpful, and..... mega respectful tactics. would place me as a wise, noble citizen a.f.c., in chodeville for the next 5 years.

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This infield happen to me about 2 years ago i had just moved to new York city. i was watching good morning America one of the TV reporter had mention that lady gaga would be in the studio the next day to talk about the gays and their aids or something

i knew lady gaga would have some cute die hard fans their, so i decide it would be cool to go Manhattan and chill outside of the good morning America building and pick up girls. the next day i woke up at like 3 in the morning and headed out to the good morning America studios, to pimp it

when i got their i noticed this really cute black girl sitting down on a lawn chair, this girls was cute i knew i had to open her, i didn't know what to open with, either my "who lies more guys or girls" or :would u continue to date a guy if you found up he was still living with his ex" ,i didn't know so i told myself when i get her i will wing it. As i was walking towards i stared deeply into her eyes, she held eye contact and begin to play with her hair. when i got to her i asked her did gaga come Thur yet. so didn't response she just continue to stare into my eyes and play with her hair. when she didn't answer i felt i was blown out of the set, i felt a little dumb and disrespected. A part of me want to ask her the question again, but i didn't that was beta, so i just continued to stare deeply into this girls eyes for like 8 secs without say a word, she brakes the silence by giggling.

She tells me that a producer had just came up about 2 mins ago and told everyone gaga is running a little late, but she should arrival in about 20 minutes. We start talking for like 5 mins, things are going well! in the back of my mind i knew i was going to fuck this girl, the sexual tension between me and this girl as so high.

i remember think how smart i was for coming up with this plan to pickup gaga's horny fangirls, and how i was going to end the night early, out of the blue this girl starts to run kino on me ,she asks me to escort her to the bathroom at a nearby mc donalds she has been want to see gaga for like 9 hours, i was thinkin coool i was going to fuck her in the bathroom at micky dees sweeeet!

i begin to to help this girl get up, then i notice she is like 6 months pregnant when she stood up, i immediatelybegin to feel weird and embarrassed for almost picking up a pregnant chick to fuck , even out side of pickup i am uncomfortable around pregnant folks. my state changes for a confidence sexual predator to a weird nice, friendly. nice-guy buddy. i stare back into this girls eyes and sexual tension i had built with this girl is gone. I didn't want to take her to mc Donald's anymore but i had agreed to escort her plus it seemed like the nice thing to do. we walk and talk to McDonald's it's so fucking awkward..while she in the bathroom i see some hot girls eating a table checking me out it looked like they had just came from a club, i want to talk to them but i did not for silly reasons, i pretend not to notice them i tell myself 'i do want to like like a playa in front of the pregnant person", when she comes out of the shitter, i dont want her to see me talking to hot girls"

she stays in the bathroom for like a long ass time, and seems a little surprised i stayed around, on the walked back the conversion is solely on her loving boyfriend, i know what this means, we return back outside of the g.m.a building she pulls out her cell phones and ingores me , i didn't care. i felt really stupid tho for not talking to McDonald girls. ''I'm not in state, im making to many mistakes, i feel dumb now, if i talk to any girls i will be blown out night, lets just go home", i keep telling myself shit like that, i give myself a quick personal challenge, "just talk to one more girl before u go home", i scan the area for a easy target and notice their were 4 groups.

group 1]was a a large group of like 7 girls all hot, group 2} had like 4 girls with signs and shit they looked normal looking, group 3 was a mix set with one super annoying gay dude who was singing lady gaga songs and maybe two other girls with him, i don't remember what they look.

group 4 surprise me. it was a mix set one chubby teenage, and 2 milfs, while i was checking out their group dynamic i locked eyes with one of the milfs, she smiled at me, i got a nervous i had a good feeling i knew who she was, she looked just like lady gaga, just a little bit older, i remember making and breaking eye contact like 20 times with this milf, and every time single i would look at her, she was checking me out hard ! I could tell she was d.t.f.

but i got into my head i keep telling myself, that cant be lady gaga's mom, why would she be outside wouldn't she be in the studio, " lady gaga didn't make it to the studio yet, why would her mom be there before her", if it was her mom wouldn't she have some form of security, gaga does tons of shows and interviews why would her mom attend all of that shit, i remember staring at her for like 20 seconds with eyes that had intentions to fuck, she maintained eye contact with me she was playing with her hair and fixing her clothing, i knew it was on.

i was about to approach her, then i got into my head even more, if me and the mom become and item, lady gaga would be like my little girl i thought, if i could pickup the mother, i am pretty sure i could pickup the daughter. i remember reading somewhere style had recently gamed the fuck out of lady gaga, i would copy his shit. I would become a pick up god, my friends would be humble my feats. anytime me and my Buddy's would hang out and they would try to brag about some girl the pulled after the club, to sound bad ass, i could mention the time they pickup a popular pop star and fucked her brains out. but i froze and freaked out i ingored all of the iois this chick was sending, and quietly powered walked to the d train back to Brooklyn, it was to much pressure for my undered develop pickup musles back then. My entire time, i sit on my train ride back home, i told myself that was not lady gaga mother checking me out, it was a just a another fan of her music that happen to look a little like her. A few hours later i was viewing good morning America it was comfirmed gaga's mommy was there, that was the first timein my life i ever screamed at a tv set.
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i was listen to 2 pac keep ya head up this morning in my car,
during the song tupac said" we got our game from a woman",
and i was like "nahh homie! i game my game from julien"

pimp it
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