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Mastering the art of speed dating can be hard. I know for sure that failing to get any dates on a speed dating session can pound any a man's ego to the ground. So, what are the best practices you can adopt right now and use next time you go speed dating?

Most mainstream websites are full with 'tricks' and 'techniques' for speed dating that aim to make good impression. Let me show you a much better paradigm than the usual “I want to impress those girls” mindset. It's the attitude of being yourself without trying to act a certain way. Try these proven to work tips and you will attract the girls you want without being fake.

Speed dating? What the hell? Yes, speed dating is a good way to meet new girls and to improve your skills with tha ladies. Of course, most girls who go on speed dating aren't exactly 10 out of 10 hot babes, BUT some of them are quite attractive. You also get to see many girls in a short period of time, which is cool because you have a lot of options.

Remember this: most people put on a mask when they go to speed dating events. If you use these tips, you will be able not only to be yourself, but to be your best self which WILL attract the women you have chemistry with.

Let's do this.
Speed dating tips
Tip number 1: SLOW DOWN

Living in modern society, it's easy to start having a scattered mind and to be stressed all the time. We take on a constant feeling of anxiety and insecurity. Our minds race into negative thought patterns and we concentrate mainly on our future problems and past failures.

When you're in this mode, you're not really yourself. You're your scattered, nervous and insecure self. How do you get out of this, you ask.

The quickest way is to learn to SLOW DOWN. Slow your breathing down. Slow your perception as well by paying attention to the moment of now. This will focus your mind on the present moment and not on the petty thoughts in your head.

Meditating is another great way to enter this state of relax. Here's a great video on that:

So the first thing you should do, even before the actual dates have started and during the whole process, is to slow down and thus eliminate the unnecessary noise in your mind. You reach a clean state of focus and presence.

Tip number 2: Think of questions that amuse you!
speed dating tips for men
Don't ask the same old boring questions like “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?”.

Before the actual speed dating, think of some questions that amuse you. For example if you loved Pokemon when you were little (or even if you still watch it), you could ask her “Which is your favourite pokemon?”.

If you have fun with your friends by teasing each other, think of some teasing questions. If you like to talk meaningless stuff, think of some meaningless and unrelated questions.

You can find countless examples of interesting questions on the web, but what's better is to develop your own questions that AMUSE you and therefore make you feel great. When you feel great and you're genuinely having fun, this is showing others your best traits.

Tip number 3: Express yourself freely

In speed dating you have little time to talk with each girl. The good news is that if you express yourself freely in these few minutes, those girls will notice it. You will be different from all the other guys who struggle to impress and thus censor themselves and filter the things they say and do.

First of all, the more she invests the better. By investment I mean talking and emotionally investing. If she tries to qualify herself by the things she says, even better (but don't rely on that- it won't happen every time). So give her the opportunity to talk.

Learn to express your opinion on the topic or on the things she said freely. In other words- say whatever you think. Don't try to make a better impression. Paradoxically, you'll make a “good impression”only if you are completely yourself. Some girls will hate you (who cares about them?) but many will absolutely love you. These are the girls you have chemistry with and that are worth the time and effort.

Take these tips and apply them. You will be amazed by the results.

What are your top tips for speed datng?
Have you had any embarrassing experiences with speed dating?
Share them in the comments below.

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