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 How to approach a girl for the first time
Nowadays people expand their social circle in a variety of ways and places: through friends, online, in nighttime venues or even on the street. Meeting new girls can be natural and it can be fun, if you know the right steps. By the time you’ve read this article you will know exactly how to approach a girl you like without the risk of looking creepy, avoiding any uncertainties you might be having that cause you to feel fear or nervousness (we have all been there).

The tips you’re about to discover here are tested by the experience of thousands of members of rsdnation who go out regularly and strive to better their love life, just like you. This is what makes me know that the technology I will share with you works and that people get their desired outcomes using it.

No matter exactly what you want- a new girlfriend, to find a special one to marry, to have one-night stands, or anything in between- knowing how to meet any new girl will make it as easy as going to the kitchen and making yourself a sandwich. If you know how to keep her interested after you start dating her, you will be able to keep her in your life for as long as you want.

Years ago I started researching the topic and I was surprised by how much information there is online. But 99% of it is only that- information. It’s not tried and tested, it’s contradictory and it’s written with the aim to be accepted and liked, instead of practical and concrete.

Here’s what you need to know about approaching a girl you don’t know in any situation:
The successful mindset for approaching girls

"There is no reason why you're not enough"
                                                           Alexander from RSD

Always remember that you’re worthy and that you’re “enough”. This means that you’re awesome as you are right now. The reactions of all other are their own reactions and you can’t really control them. But you also don’t need to, because no matter how she or other people might react to you, this doesn’t mean anything about your worth and your value.

When you realize this truth – that the reactions of other people are not under your control – you can monopolize your own self-image. She can be open, she can be closed, she can reject you, or she can love you, but it doesn’t mean anything about your core. It may mean something about the way you approached her or about her character, that’s all.

Also,  a “bad” reaction is not necessarily “bad” and a good reaction is not necessarily “good”. You could wind up in a fulfilling relationship with a girl who was obnoxious at first, while some of the girls that appear open and friendly and cool with you in the beginning might turn cold later. You will never know- but this is why meeting women is fun!

Emotional intelligence 101: Take action and don't resist it

"The only way past fear is to go through."
                                                  Author Unknown

If you feel any kind of nervousness, confusion or fear in your body before approaching a woman (or in social situations in general) a lot of it will disappear once you start accepting the mindset above.

Still, there may be some “butterflies” (or big scary bats) in your stomach left. The only way to decrease these feelings is through taking action. Imagine you’re in a bar and you see a girl you want to talk to. You know what to do (which I will cover next), but you feel nervous.

Let’s say you decide to take action in spite of your emotions. You go there, you commit to the interaction and sooner rather than later you will realize that the emotions of fear decrease. They may completely disappear or they may decrease a tiny bit.

Remember this- every time you approach a girl, by doing this you decrease the anxiety, no matter how she reacts. The skill is “to make the decision to do it anyways” and soon you will see that nobody judges you for taking action despite of the way you feel in that particular moment.

The principles of a solid approach

Always get her attention before saying your opening line. You can do that in a variety of ways. Tapping her on the shoulder and saying “hi”/”excuse me” are suitable for low stimulus environments (calm places like coffee shops, chill bars or most place you can meet women in the daytime). Yelling “Hey”/”Oy”/”Ey”/”You” (you can also point at her while you do it) is suitable for high stimulus places (clubs, bars, crazy parties).

She will give you her attention (even if you have to try a couple of times) and then you give her eye contact while you say your opening line.

Your opening line can be literally anything:
An observation of something in the situation or in her.
Something random: “Today I ate the best chocolate in the world”.
It can be a direct statement of your interest- a compliment.
You can challenge her by saying “I hate you!” half seriously.

Here are some default lines:
Introducing yourself.
“You seem fun!”
“You look like a (insert whatever she reminds you of). I have to meet you.”

What you really want when you approach a girl is to establish a conversation with her. Here is a great video on how to do this after the opening phrase by expressing a wide context for her so she feels enticed to talk to you:

So to sum up:
Your mindset is that you’re awesome the way you are, no matter what reactions other people give you.
You take action, even if your emotions tell you not to.
First you grab her attention. Then you give her eye contact and say whatever you want. You start a conversation with her by using statements and a wide context as explained in the video.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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