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Get ahead of all other guys who will never discover what to avoid on a second date and will keep failing time after time. Knowing what you're about to read will guarantee you'll never make these deadly mistakes. By evading these critical pitfalls on your second date, you will be on your way to a successful romantic rendezvous and your girl will be thankful for it.

Has this happened to you?

Your first date was awesome (assuming you’ve read my last post describing how to hook her interest on the first date and make her feel like a desperate junkie towards you). Although you feel great about it, that tension hasn’t evaporated yet. It’s getting even worse as you realize that you have no idea what to do on the second date. You feel that she wouldn’t like anything that comes into your head. After all, you want to differentiate from all the other guys she’s been out with!

You can see yourself failing epically in the movie theatre of your mind. You hear that voice in your head getting more and more annoying, yelling “WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I TAKE HER!? WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?”.

Or maybe it’s not THAT intense. Nonetheless, you can’t deny the fact that choosing what to do on a second date is a challenging task.

Luckily for you, as you read this article you might find yourself relaxing more and more because you’ll know exactly what NOT to do which in this case is more important than what to do.

Here’s right perspective:

Any idea for a second date is good, as long as it's something YOU like doing.

Now that you know this, let’s look at some specific mistakes you should avoid like the plague.

And if you aren’t yet one of those guys that obtain second dates on a regular basis, you need to check this video. It’s a game-changer:

Let me explain why these things are sure-fire ways to kill her attraction:

Worst idea number 1: Asking her what she wants to do and letting her lead

Now, if a girl sincerely wants to do something with you and she shows initiative by suggesting her idea- great! As long as it’s not something you’d rather die than do, you may accept her suggestion.

The real problem comes when she wants YOU to make the decision… and you tell her “I’m fine with whatever you want to do! You choose.” ARGH!

Realize this- probably she’s playing a game in her head: she's wondering where you’ll want to take her; she wants to take a trip into your world. She's feeling these good emotions of anticipation and curiosity... when you suddenly choke them to death by giving her the lead.

Think of what you really love doing. That’s the part of yourself you’d want to show to her. Let’s say you love playing arcade games. You take her to your favorite arcade games venue, the two of you play some games together and most importantly - you have fun independently from her. I bet my kidney that she will be more attracted to you and she’ll respect you more for showing her how you spend your free time.

This doesn’t mean she's going to show her appreciation for the experience! Maybe she hates arcade games. But even if she does, in the end of the day this will attract her more, because you were the leader in the situation and you pulled her into your reality.

Deadly idea number 2: Setting the ‘provider’ frame

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘provider’ frame.

Imagine you’re an attractive girl. You start dating an attractive (and I don’t mean looks) guy, who takes you to fancy restaurants, clubs, bars and he always pays the bills. Now, you know you’re attracted to him and in other circumstances you’d sleep with him. BUT, you also know that if you do that he might stop seeing you. It has happened before- you start dating a guy and as soon as you sleep with him, he’s gone. So you decide to hold the sex for now, while you enjoy the free ride of his courtship endeavors.

What’s the solution then?

Don’t take her to exquisite places just to show her that you can afford it. Don’t present yourself as a walking ATM. Instead, as I said above, choose some kind of activity you really love.

To wrap up, here’s what you need to remember:
Take the lead and choose to do something that entertains you.
Don’t try to seduce her by becoming her sponsor.

Write your comments and experiences below and I’d be happy to reply!

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