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Mastering the art of speed dating can be hard. I know for sure that failing to get any dates on a speed dating session can pound any a man's ego to the ground. So, what are the best practices you can adopt right now and use next time you go speed dating?

Most mainstream websites are full with 'tricks' and 'techniques' for speed dating that aim to make good impression. Let me show you a much better paradigm than the usual “I want to impress those girls” mindset. It's the attitude of being yourself without trying to act a certain way. Try these proven to work tips and you will attract the girls you want without being fake.

Speed dating? What the hell? Yes, speed dating is a good way to meet new girls and to improve your skills with tha ladies. Of course, most girls who go on speed dating aren't exactly 10 out of 10 hot babes, BUT some of them are quite attractive. You also get to see many girls in a short period of time, which is cool because you have a lot of options.

Remember this: most people put on a mask when they go to speed dating events. If you use these tips, you will be able not only to be yourself, but to be your best self which WILL attract the women you have chemistry with.

Let's do this.
Speed dating tips
Tip number 1: SLOW DOWN

Living in modern society, it's easy to start having a scattered mind and to be stressed all the time. We take on a constant feeling of anxiety and insecurity. Our minds race into negative thought patterns and we concentrate mainly on our future problems and past failures.

When you're in this mode, you're not really yourself. You're your scattered, nervous and insecure self. How do you get out of this, you ask.

The quickest way is to learn to SLOW DOWN. Slow your breathing down. Slow your perception as well by paying attention to the moment of now. This will focus your mind on the present moment and not on the petty thoughts in your head.

Meditating is another great way to enter this state of relax. Here's a great video on that:

So the first thing you should do, even before the actual dates have started and during the whole process, is to slow down and thus eliminate the unnecessary noise in your mind. You reach a clean state of focus and presence.

Tip number 2: Think of questions that amuse you!
speed dating tips for men
Don't ask the same old boring questions like “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?”.

Before the actual speed dating, think of some questions that amuse you. For example if you loved Pokemon when you were little (or even if you still watch it), you could ask her “Which is your favourite pokemon?”.

If you have fun with your friends by teasing each other, think of some teasing questions. If you like to talk meaningless stuff, think of some meaningless and unrelated questions.

You can find countless examples of interesting questions on the web, but what's better is to develop your own questions that AMUSE you and therefore make you feel great. When you feel great and you're genuinely having fun, this is showing others your best traits.

Tip number 3: Express yourself freely

In speed dating you have little time to talk with each girl. The good news is that if you express yourself freely in these few minutes, those girls will notice it. You will be different from all the other guys who struggle to impress and thus censor themselves and filter the things they say and do.

First of all, the more she invests the better. By investment I mean talking and emotionally investing. If she tries to qualify herself by the things she says, even better (but don't rely on that- it won't happen every time). So give her the opportunity to talk.

Learn to express your opinion on the topic or on the things she said freely. In other words- say whatever you think. Don't try to make a better impression. Paradoxically, you'll make a “good impression”only if you are completely yourself. Some girls will hate you (who cares about them?) but many will absolutely love you. These are the girls you have chemistry with and that are worth the time and effort.

Take these tips and apply them. You will be amazed by the results.

What are your top tips for speed datng?
Have you had any embarrassing experiences with speed dating?
Share them in the comments below.

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Are you sick from all those young bratty girls that give you a hard time nonstop?
young bratty girl
Do you feel like their mothers might be a better catch? Do you wonder what's the right way to pick up a milf?

It’s time to go to the next level. It’s time for you to finally take advantage of the untapped potential hidden inside all those MILFs that would give anything to be with you.

If you do this, you won’t have to worry about immature behavior and lack of responsibility from the girl EVER AGAIN. MILFs have been around the block and they know what’s up, they know what they want and how to get it.

Soon after you start using the tactics and the tips you’re about to read, you’ll find yourself disqualifying all girls who don’t have kids.
stifler's mom
Whether you just crave wild sex or you want to meet someone who’ll cook for you, give you a massage, THEN have wild sex with you and afterwards drive you home… it’s up to you.

Don’t be the babysitter of those bitches that don’t deserve you! Instead, be the bad ass real mutherfucker, while somebody else takes care of the kids.

When you start hardcore dating sexy and dirty MILFs you’ll not only find yourself thinking they’re the only women worth being with, but you’ll also see your sexual drive getting on steroids. All you’ll ever think about during the day are those ass and tits you’re going to enjoy in the night. And the best part is that she’ll also be thinking about you and texting you slutty messages to keep you warm.
Forget about the playmates and the soulmates. Dreaming about those girls will be left in the distant past. There shall only be MILF MATES for you from now on: the type of creatures that will make your wildest, craziest desires come true and will ask for more… and then cook you a meal while you text all those young stupid girls telling them you don’t want to see them anymore.

Who would want anything else when you can have a take care of all your needs? Or even a whole harem of them?

Live the dream. Claim the you deserve now. Become a master. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 78… Here’s what you need to know to pick up a now and make all your friends envy you for that sweet mother you’re dating and pounding:

First of all:

always, always remember that you’re doing her a favor by talking to her, touching her and having sex with her (Expect that she might brag to her other mother friends about picking YOU up... and recommend you as a boy-toy. Not a bad thing at all). It’s actually a win-win situation for both of you. She’s a hot sexual fiend who’s probably sophisticated and independent, you’re a cool guy who knows what you want and takes action to get it. This couldn’t get any better than this. Furthermore, she'd love to feel your youth sexual stamina and power in bed. She wants to teach you how to do it better, and she wants you to make her feel like a little again. Fun stuff.
milf secretary

The Secret of MILF Seduction

Let’s talk about the right way of talking with MILFs. While many young girls are acting like attention deficit junkies, MILFs generally have better social skills and appreciate a good conversationalist. The art and skill you’ll need is to be able to have a normal, deep and logical conversation (don’t try to be drama creating and extravagant to keep her attention like you have to do with those young hoes) and mix that up with the right amount of SEXUAL statements and physicality. Some good topics you can go deep into with her are spirituality, books, yoga and any other sports, hobbies, movies, even documentaries, and philosophy.

Let’s say you’re talking with her about the latest Eckhart Tolle book you read and she’s sharing about her favourite woo-woo authors as well. In some point you may want to go really close to her ear and whisper what you want to do with her if you were alone in bed (you may also bite her slightly). After you do this, just lay back again and continue the normal conversation like nothing happened.

The sequence is: you have a deep conversation with her and from time to time you express some form of desire. Do this enough and you’ll see the horniness in her eyes getting stronger and stronger.
oscar winning milf
AGE objections!

Remember that anytime she says something negative about her age or your age, this is just a test. Examples of those might be “you’re too young for me”, “I’m too old for you”, “you know, there are a lot of cute single girls on your age here”, “I’m old enough to be your mother”. All these don’t mean anything! They’re completely meaningless. You can reply to them by saying any of the following:
“Irrelevant” and then continue talking about whatever you want.
“I don’t care.”
Joke by saying “Actually you’re too young for me. I date only women that are 60+, I marry them and I take all their possessions and wealth after they pass” in a JOKING way.

The important thing you have to remember is to NEVER explain yourself when she tests you.

Where to pick up MILFs?

Anywhere and anytime! Here are some suggestions regardless:

In the local park with that has a playground. DO NOT start talking to her child before you start talking with her! This may make her be very suspicious of you. Instead, start directly talking to her. You start the conversation by giving a guess which one of the kids is hers and why you think this way. Example: “Hey, correct me if I’m wrong, but that little guy there who’s pulling the hairs of all the girls has to be yours. He has your passion and energy", then joke around with it. When you decide to change the subject, exchange names and start talking about whatever you want.
Stores for baby or child clothing. You can always ask for her opinion on what to buy for your nephew!
Grocery stores. Here’s a bullet proof way to start conversations: bump your cart in hers slightly and start joking that she’s ‘driving’ drunk and that you’ll call the traffic police.
Gyms. Guarantees they take care of their bodies which also mean you’ll enjoy them more in bed. Here’s a good line: whatever exercise she’s doing, ask her in the rest “Hey, are you getting ready for the next Olympics? You train harder than the professional bodybuilders here!”

When you pick up a milf, compliments usually work! Make sure they're genuine though. How? Don’t just tell her she’s sexy or gorgeous. Ask yourself “WHAT do I find sexy in her? WHAT do I particularly like in her?” then just spit the answer to her. This is also a great way to start a conversation with a MILF, if the situation is right.

Body language
Most mothers are more confident and certain of themselves than regular girls. That’s why you should show your confidence by:

Maintaining strong eye contact that communicates you’re a man and you desire her as a woman.
Having relaxed body and lack of nervousness.
physical contact that’s suitable to the situation. In bars and clubs you can be much more physical early on, than in parks and shops. Use common sense, BUT don’t be afraid to express your masculinity by touching her.
Lead her, but only when she’s ready

With the abovementioned techniques and with time you will build COMPLIANCE in those MILFs. What you have to do then is to capitalize on that compliance by leading her to another venue, leading her to your place, or taking the phone number if the previous ones aren’t possible.

Now, GO OUT, TAKE ACTION and enjoy the abundance of MILFs that will enter your life.

Proudly presented by

Share your thoughts and MILFhunting experiences below!
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If you’re not sure what to ask her, this could be fatal for your first date. Most questions people ask on a first date lead to a dead end. But worry not. There is a way to use questions that will make her beg for more of you.

Most people use questions as a mean to keep the conversation going. That’s fine, but why not using them in a more constructive manner? I will share with you a simple, yet effective way of using questions as well as practical examples which you can use on your next date.

Use questions to change the direction of the conversation

Let’s say you love salsa and the current topic of the conversation is boring to you. Just say “Anyways… I wanted to ask you- have you tried salsa dancing?”. After she gives you an answer, you can start talking about salsa. Boom- the topic is changed to something that is actually interesting to you.

Many people think they need a smooth transition when they change the subject, so they don't seem strange. However, this isn’t true. You don’t need an elaborate way to do this and you certainly don’t need any excuse. It’s a date, not an office meeting! This means you can change subjects whenever you decide. A question is a perfect way to do this, because it’s softer than immediately starting to talk about the new subject.

As long as you express your authentic emotions towards the new topic, she’ll be drawn to it. When you express freely how you feel and what you think about something, she’ll notice that you have passion. This is far more important than the subject itself.
First date
Use questions to communicate that you’re screening her

Questions are an awesome tool to assert the context of you screening her to see if she’s cool enough for you. Why would you do this? Girls are attracted to men that have standards.

On one hand, if you try to impress her in any way during the first date, this communicates that you don't believe you deserve her. This is BAD, because she'll lose attraction for you.

On the other hand, if you screen her to see if she’s cool enough for you, this will communicate that you’re the one who is choosing. She’ll become the one who’s chasing, while you sit there, enjoying the situation.

How do you accomplish this by using questions?

Ask her anything and once she answers, approve or disapprove her answer. Here’s an example:
You: “What did you eat before coming here?”
She: “Spaghetti Bolognese…”
You: “You eat carbohydrates for dinner!? This is the unhealthiest thing I can think of. (disapproving)”
You: “Good! I love spaghetti Bolognese. Did you cook them by yourself?” (approving. Notice that you ask another question to screen her again. If she answers positively you could approve again and vice versa)

Don’t overdo it, though. This technique is powerful, but it’s better to be honest when you approve or disapprove what she says. The problem comes when guys always try to relate to what the girl says, and always approve everything. Don’t be afraid to express negativity.

Use questions to relate with her on emotional level

Relating to her isn’t a bad thing, but you’ve got to do it right. This means it has to happen on the level of emotions, and not on the level of facts.
Most guys are very logical and they always think in terms of the content of the conversation. If you learn to notice the emotions she’s expressing when she talks, this will differentiate you from all the other guys.
Here’s an example:
You: “Tell me what do you really love doing?”
She: “I really love horse riding!!! But… now I have this injury… And now I can’t do it!"

Most guys would start to talk about horse riding, even if they don’t know anything about it. Or they will ask her about the specifics of the injury.

Here’s a better way to respond: ask yourself what emotions she’d expressed. The emotions were enjoyment (from horse riding) and sadness (because she can’t do it). So to relate to her, you could tell her a story about a time when you felt the same. Let’s say you love to play guitar, but you couldn’t take it on your last travel and you felt so sad that you couldn’t do it.

Hope that helps you guys.

Can you think of other good ways to use questions on a first date?
Share them in the comments bellow.

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Get ahead of all other guys who will never discover what to avoid on a second date and will keep failing time after time. Knowing what you're about to read will guarantee you'll never make these deadly mistakes. By evading these critical pitfalls on your second date, you will be on your way to a successful romantic rendezvous and your girl will be thankful for it.

Has this happened to you?

Your first date was awesome (assuming you’ve read my last post describing how to hook her interest on the first date and make her feel like a desperate junkie towards you). Although you feel great about it, that tension hasn’t evaporated yet. It’s getting even worse as you realize that you have no idea what to do on the second date. You feel that she wouldn’t like anything that comes into your head. After all, you want to differentiate from all the other guys she’s been out with!

You can see yourself failing epically in the movie theatre of your mind. You hear that voice in your head getting more and more annoying, yelling “WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I TAKE HER!? WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?”.

Or maybe it’s not THAT intense. Nonetheless, you can’t deny the fact that choosing what to do on a second date is a challenging task.

Luckily for you, as you read this article you might find yourself relaxing more and more because you’ll know exactly what NOT to do which in this case is more important than what to do.

Here’s right perspective:

Any idea for a second date is good, as long as it's something YOU like doing.

Now that you know this, let’s look at some specific mistakes you should avoid like the plague.

And if you aren’t yet one of those guys that obtain second dates on a regular basis, you need to check this video. It’s a game-changer:

Let me explain why these things are sure-fire ways to kill her attraction:

Worst idea number 1: Asking her what she wants to do and letting her lead

Now, if a girl sincerely wants to do something with you and she shows initiative by suggesting her idea- great! As long as it’s not something you’d rather die than do, you may accept her suggestion.

The real problem comes when she wants YOU to make the decision… and you tell her “I’m fine with whatever you want to do! You choose.” ARGH!

Realize this- probably she’s playing a game in her head: she's wondering where you’ll want to take her; she wants to take a trip into your world. She's feeling these good emotions of anticipation and curiosity... when you suddenly choke them to death by giving her the lead.

Think of what you really love doing. That’s the part of yourself you’d want to show to her. Let’s say you love playing arcade games. You take her to your favorite arcade games venue, the two of you play some games together and most importantly - you have fun independently from her. I bet my kidney that she will be more attracted to you and she’ll respect you more for showing her how you spend your free time.

This doesn’t mean she's going to show her appreciation for the experience! Maybe she hates arcade games. But even if she does, in the end of the day this will attract her more, because you were the leader in the situation and you pulled her into your reality.

Deadly idea number 2: Setting the ‘provider’ frame

You might be wondering what I mean by ‘provider’ frame.

Imagine you’re an attractive girl. You start dating an attractive (and I don’t mean looks) guy, who takes you to fancy restaurants, clubs, bars and he always pays the bills. Now, you know you’re attracted to him and in other circumstances you’d sleep with him. BUT, you also know that if you do that he might stop seeing you. It has happened before- you start dating a guy and as soon as you sleep with him, he’s gone. So you decide to hold the sex for now, while you enjoy the free ride of his courtship endeavors.

What’s the solution then?

Don’t take her to exquisite places just to show her that you can afford it. Don’t present yourself as a walking ATM. Instead, as I said above, choose some kind of activity you really love.

To wrap up, here’s what you need to remember:
Take the lead and choose to do something that entertains you.
Don’t try to seduce her by becoming her sponsor.

Write your comments and experiences below and I’d be happy to reply!

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conversational topics for first date
Here you are standing on your first date with her. You did your little research on what questions you should ask her and what topics to talk about, so you feel prepared. In your mind you reassure yourself that you know how to keep the conversation going, yet you feel a shadow of nervousness behind you.

As you say your memorized questions and you talk about all the things you think you should be talking about, you see her getting bored more and more. She may be smiling politely, but there is no spark in her eyes.

In the end of the night you’re thinking: “I wonder if I will see her again... She definitely should want to see me… After all, we talked about all those topics I read about on that website… I didn’t let the conversation die and I made everything I could to make it interesting for her.”

All she’s thinking is “Nope, I’m not seeing this guy again!”. She’s probably not even thinking it. She’s feeling it and she makes an unconscious decision about it.

The difference between content and the emotions behind it

You see, if you say things only because you read them somewhere or because you think she will like them, that’s not really you. You think you’re doing the right thing, but she sees that you’re putting on a mask. This will not work, even if the things you say are objectively interesting or impressing.

As guys, we are more logical than the girls. We think that the words are the important part of the communication. That’s why conversations between men are very linear, but if you listen to the conversations between women, you will notice they are all over the place.

The vibe of the interaction beneath the words is the key, not the words themselves. You can talk about literally everything, as long as you FEEL it’s amusing or you’re expressing yourself freely. The moment you try to impress her with your words is the moment you start killing the vibe.

How does this happen? When you try to make her like you or you try to establish a connection with her, you start managing yourself. As a direct consequence, you lose your natural ability to express emotions. You think you’re doing a good job, but for your date, you’re being fake and as interesting as watching your hair grow.

If the vibe is what’s important, how do we make it better? Imagine one of your best friends invites you to drink beer with him. You’ve known him for what it seems like forever. I bet you won’t think what you’ll say before you see his. You will let the conversation go in whatever direction it may.

You would want to think in the same context when you’re on a first date with a girl. You don’t worry about impressing her, you don’t worry about keeping the conversation going. All you aim to do is express yourself and have fun.

If you ask yourself “But how exactly do I express myself in an attractive manner? How exactly should I have fun?”, you need to realize that you already know how to do it. The less perfect and “trying” you are, the better.

Here’s a cool video on that topic:

Still, what should I talk about and what should I ask her

Remember that you always have unlimited amount of things to say. Why? If you’re 20 years old, this means you have 20 years worth of experiences on this planet. Your mind is an endless source of content. The content is there, but sometimes you get in your own way by trying to filter it.

The challenge is not finding the best conversational topics. The challenge is to let yourself express whatever comes to your head. That way, you will be more authentic and way more stimulating for her.

More specifically, you can express yourself by telling stories, showing your unique sense of humor, commenting the environment, teasing her about anything she does or says, complimenting her… and anything else you can think of. When you really get the mindset of letting yourself loose instead of managing the impression you make, words will flow out of you like a wild river without even trying. And she will love it.

When it comes to asking, don’t memorize different eloquent questions. She will know it’s not you. Ask her whatever you really want to know about her. For example if you like girls that do sports, ask her about that. Don’t ask her what sign she is only because you think chicks like this stuff.
Here’s what you need to remember
Don’t focus on the content of the conversation. Focus on the vibe. Make it fun for you, and she will enjoy it as well!

Post your comments and opinions and I will be happy to reply.

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 How to approach a girl for the first time
Nowadays people expand their social circle in a variety of ways and places: through friends, online, in nighttime venues or even on the street. Meeting new girls can be natural and it can be fun, if you know the right steps. By the time you’ve read this article you will know exactly how to approach a girl you like without the risk of looking creepy, avoiding any uncertainties you might be having that cause you to feel fear or nervousness (we have all been there).

The tips you’re about to discover here are tested by the experience of thousands of members of rsdnation who go out regularly and strive to better their love life, just like you. This is what makes me know that the technology I will share with you works and that people get their desired outcomes using it.

No matter exactly what you want- a new girlfriend, to find a special one to marry, to have one-night stands, or anything in between- knowing how to meet any new girl will make it as easy as going to the kitchen and making yourself a sandwich. If you know how to keep her interested after you start dating her, you will be able to keep her in your life for as long as you want.

Years ago I started researching the topic and I was surprised by how much information there is online. But 99% of it is only that- information. It’s not tried and tested, it’s contradictory and it’s written with the aim to be accepted and liked, instead of practical and concrete.

Here’s what you need to know about approaching a girl you don’t know in any situation:
The successful mindset for approaching girls

"There is no reason why you're not enough"
                                                           Alexander from RSD

Always remember that you’re worthy and that you’re “enough”. This means that you’re awesome as you are right now. The reactions of all other are their own reactions and you can’t really control them. But you also don’t need to, because no matter how she or other people might react to you, this doesn’t mean anything about your worth and your value.

When you realize this truth – that the reactions of other people are not under your control – you can monopolize your own self-image. She can be open, she can be closed, she can reject you, or she can love you, but it doesn’t mean anything about your core. It may mean something about the way you approached her or about her character, that’s all.

Also,  a “bad” reaction is not necessarily “bad” and a good reaction is not necessarily “good”. You could wind up in a fulfilling relationship with a girl who was obnoxious at first, while some of the girls that appear open and friendly and cool with you in the beginning might turn cold later. You will never know- but this is why meeting women is fun!

Emotional intelligence 101: Take action and don't resist it

"The only way past fear is to go through."
                                                  Author Unknown

If you feel any kind of nervousness, confusion or fear in your body before approaching a woman (or in social situations in general) a lot of it will disappear once you start accepting the mindset above.

Still, there may be some “butterflies” (or big scary bats) in your stomach left. The only way to decrease these feelings is through taking action. Imagine you’re in a bar and you see a girl you want to talk to. You know what to do (which I will cover next), but you feel nervous.

Let’s say you decide to take action in spite of your emotions. You go there, you commit to the interaction and sooner rather than later you will realize that the emotions of fear decrease. They may completely disappear or they may decrease a tiny bit.

Remember this- every time you approach a girl, by doing this you decrease the anxiety, no matter how she reacts. The skill is “to make the decision to do it anyways” and soon you will see that nobody judges you for taking action despite of the way you feel in that particular moment.

The principles of a solid approach

Always get her attention before saying your opening line. You can do that in a variety of ways. Tapping her on the shoulder and saying “hi”/”excuse me” are suitable for low stimulus environments (calm places like coffee shops, chill bars or most place you can meet women in the daytime). Yelling “Hey”/”Oy”/”Ey”/”You” (you can also point at her while you do it) is suitable for high stimulus places (clubs, bars, crazy parties).

She will give you her attention (even if you have to try a couple of times) and then you give her eye contact while you say your opening line.

Your opening line can be literally anything:
An observation of something in the situation or in her.
Something random: “Today I ate the best chocolate in the world”.
It can be a direct statement of your interest- a compliment.
You can challenge her by saying “I hate you!” half seriously.

Here are some default lines:
Introducing yourself.
“You seem fun!”
“You look like a (insert whatever she reminds you of). I have to meet you.”

What you really want when you approach a girl is to establish a conversation with her. Here is a great video on how to do this after the opening phrase by expressing a wide context for her so she feels enticed to talk to you:

So to sum up:
Your mindset is that you’re awesome the way you are, no matter what reactions other people give you.
You take action, even if your emotions tell you not to.
First you grab her attention. Then you give her eye contact and say whatever you want. You start a conversation with her by using statements and a wide context as explained in the video.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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 how to keep a girl interested
Discover the exact how-to secrets that will make her can’t get enough of you using these 3 tips on how to keep the girl interested in you. Watch her get addicted, knowing that it’s practically impossible she would even consider dating another man.

I've been in a similar situation countless times: you start dating a girl, but no matter what you do or not do, her interest seems to vanish with time. Maybe you're not funny enough? Maybe she's met a more handsome guy? I researched and tried most of the popular ideas you can find on mainstream websites- only to notice NO change in my results.

With tons of time spent in trials of different ideas I made the distinctions and found some things that actually work. And they work well! I wasn’t the only one who invented and tested these ideas though. Thousands of rsdnation members who struggle with the same challenges as you and me were involved in the process.

Here's what to do, so you never end up losing the girl. These practical guidelines are effective in any situation: whether you want to keep a quality girl in your life, or you’re having a long distance relationship or you just want to date multiple girls at the same time.

The 3 simple, yet crucial tips to keep her hooked on you are:

1. Being driven by something is the best way to keep a girl interested.

"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity."
                                                            Andrew Carnegie

Women know whether you have some kind of a drive in your life or you’re not doing anything meaningful. They can see it! Over the long-term this factor will determine her level of interest in the relationship. Even if you “entice” her to go out on a few dates with you, sooner rather than later she will notice whether you’re passionate about something or not.

For her it feels like the difference between dating Tom Cruise and dating a regular bum. This means that you can be passionate about, literally, anything you choose. Women don’t worry so much what it is that you love doing, they don’t even care if you’re that good in it compared to others. The activity could as well be your work as your hobby.

There is one key though- it mustn’t be about her. This means the source of your drive can be anything other than the quest of satisfying all her wants and needs and spending every minute of your time together. Reason being, she’s unconsciously searching for the vibe of a man who is “on his own path” and who doesn’t center everything around her.

2. Don’t succumb to her attempts to change your values and lifestyle.

Girls will always try to change who you are and what you do. They try to make you live the way they want you to, instead of the way you’ve chosen. Let’s say you’ve decided to go to the gym today and your girl starts trying to persuade you (or even emotionally blackmail you) to go to the movies with her instead. You know that by your value system going to the gym is the right thing and you don’t really want to watch a movie. What will you do?

As a man you will have to make these kind of choices from the minute you meet a new girl. These situations will always occure- even after years of relationship with her. Will you submit to her destructive (by your value system) demands or will you do what you really want?

One of the main reasons why girls lose their interest is that guys submit to every demand. They don’t know how to say “no” and this is a crucial skill. This is easier said than done, but when you learn to put yourself first she'll become more respectful and interested in you.

3. Satisfy her need for emotional stimulation or drama.

If she can’t satisfy her emotional needs with you, her interest will surely vaporize. A lot of this comes down to this drive and the ability to say “no” that we spoke about. But it’s about more than that- women will often try to create drama and emotional turmoil in the relationship.

Think of the last time a girl started arguing with you on something small. You might have gotten the feeling that she was doing it consciously and that it’s not because there was a real issue. This probably is the truth, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

She actually craves this emotional turmoil. Since she always will, you might as well embrace it and enjoy the little confrontations when they appear.

So to wrap up the 3 components are:
1. Be driven by something.
2. Don’t yield to her attempts to change you.
3. Learn to embrace the drama when she needs it.

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