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The Blueprint is better than Pandoras Box and here are my reasons why.

After going through both courses the style of teaching is totally different. The Blueprint focuses on a deep level identity change and focuses on YOU and a transformation to a life of total abundance and freedom from identity and ego, where as Pandoras Box is focused all on the girl.

Pandoras box teaches you how to categorize a woman into 9 personality types that she falls into and this can be real confusing, but once you identify with her type you can adjust your game to suit her and change who you are so she will find you attractive, and give herself to you.

A chode will always be a chode and that is the problem I find with Pandoras Box although there is loads of useful information on reading women, there is very little or none on inner game and self actualization.

I have found The Blueprint to be one of the most profound self help products in the world and it is designed especially for the male.

I have gone through tons of self help material and spiritual development books from great authors like Anthony Robbins and Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill, and other great authors on spiritual development like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, but The Blueprint has really made an impact on my life.

I like raving about this product because it has help me immensely in so many ways, I have felt a total life transformation a 180 degree turn for the better. I have changed in so many ways and the teachings in The Blueprint has proved itself in my life today.

Everything in my life has improved and abundance is all around me. Pandoras box is great but just does not have the power of transformation implemented into the system.

Hope this little insight helps someone out here looking for true success with women to make a wise investment into themselves and to help if you are looking for a real system.


2Dazzle aka 2illuminate
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 Agreed.  I was all into pandora's box (pun intended) before I rediscovered RSD.  Blueprint got my head back into this, Pandora not so much.

oddly enough, when I watched BP, Tyler says the worse style of game is studying the profiles of every type of girl out there and calibrating accordingly since this is a very reactive strategy.
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Your right, Pandoras box is about being reactive to the girl and trying to present this false image of HER perfect guy, so you can react to her stupid frame of mind wheras in BP, Tyler says fuck all that just be your higher self and get out of your head, approach women with nothing going on inside of your mind.

One of the most truest principles from BP that has given me great success with women is is that just having a strong male polarity is enough.
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