Dazzling Dynamics

Hey Guys

Just a quick insight into what a dazzling dynamic is. Have you ever talked to someone from the opposite sex looked them in the eye and felt an electrical type feeling move through your body when your eyes engage? and you kinda get the feeling you want them?

If you have had this feeling before and are aware of it when this happens I like to  call it a dazzling dynamic. This is what happens when your genes are telling you that this person is your suitor.

A dazzling dynamic is a deep unconscious signal that moves through you and her at the same time. This happens to the two of you at that same moment of eye contact.

You feel it, she feels it.  It is an instant reaction of your genes communicating and signalling to each other that you and her are suitors.  Your genes are telling you to mix with hers and her genes are telling her to mix with yours.

The feeling is both ways, it is not imagined, you feel for her the same way she feels for you and the genes are desperately trying to get you together.

But there is a game to be played, If you are aware of knowing how to find your suitor you can just let the dynamics fall into place, the dazzling dynamic signal will always be true. You just have to let the circumstances allow for the right time and place.

Not everyone is a suitor for you and all guys have different suitors eg  A mate of mine finds girls that I find attractive average and the same goes for him. He will mention the hottie at the park walking the dog or standing at the bar and when I take a look she is just an average girl who doe's not attract me in any way and yet he is salivating over her.

When you can read into a dazzling dynamic and are aware she is your suitor you can feel confident that what you see in her she sees in you, nature has designed us with this innate ability to seek out our suitors and to know in an instant that yes she is a suitor for me.

the law of attraction will work in your favor if you trust in the dynamic, Once you get the feeling of the dazzling dynamic you need not worry if I can get her but more like when I can get her. Just chill make yourself comfortable and talk to her like you would a sister.

Learn how to feel the dazzling dynamic and when shes a suitor for you than you can proceed to game your suitor, not doing anything out of the ordinary but  just allowing yourself to being you, when your mind knows  you can have her  she will make her way to you and present herself to you so you can just take her and own her.

A great mindset to have in life is to treat all men older than you like you would your father, treat all women older than you like a mother, and treat people around the same age or younger than you as a brother or sister, once you use this type of mind frame when interacting with people they will see you as genuine real and honest and also down to earth, because you are communicating to them from an honest frame of mind with sincerity and respect.

2Dazzle aka 2illuminate
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