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Hey Guys,

I joined this site to learn more about the deep identity level change that Tyler teaches in his Blueprint as well as learning about inner confidence and self actualization from the very talented executive coaches here at RSD, I also wanted to know more about the Company as well.

After three months here on RSDNATION all I can say is WOW! This site goes beyond how to pick up girls and teaches certain guys (chodes) about a total life transformation, completeness and freedom that Men rarely ever find in this world.

Real Social Dynamics is a unique concept that is cutting edge in the personal growth and self help field. RSD is the new cool and upbeat style of delivering powerful dynamic teachings for mastery in all areas of life.

RSD have combined the very best teachings on pick up, personal and spiritual development, social dynamics and social interactions as well as human psychology, self actualization and deep inner wisdom allowing for a total transformation in all areas of life socially, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally that will grow you into a complete person who is centered and at peace with themselves and the environment.

The total life transformation ( The Blueprint ) that Tyler teaches is what attracted to me to this site and if one is willing to incorporate the teachings from these kickass guys and apply the principles to everyday life you will have the ability to attract anything you want in life, not just women but the very best quality of life that can only be found through yourself and setting your standards at the highest level.

Do not live for pleasing others or making other people happy, when one is in total control of their lives they have no past, no future, no reference to social conditioning, ego or identity  they are completely free from all outcomes and are living in the present moment.

You see most guys need to detach themselves from themselves, most guys are their harshest critics in life and worst enemies cos their brains over analyse everything and forces them into a state of social conditioning to gain an insight of who they are and what they are, especially if they suffer rejection or are at a low point of their lives.

Dude just get out the way of yourself and start living, just live for the moment (being present) and take control of your life. Find out what you really want in life and who you really want to be and go all out to transform into that person and never look back.

I guarantee your lifes purpose will start to fall into place and the burden of just being alive will be replaced by an excitement to be alive.

You will start to emanate a vibe pure greatness around you and others, especially women,  they will feel your vibe and find your energy very appealing and attractive that they will want to always be around you feeding off your greatness. 

I can see this emanation of greatness coming out of all the coaches here on this site and although I am male and love women these guys are just so cool and I think they have a pure inner attraction to them that goes deeper than good looks.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the great job RSD are doing and I am happy to be a part of this great community. I would also like to share my experiences with you guys on how I have had over 100 threesomes with beautiful women but that will be revealed over time so if your keen on some great advice from a naturals perspective stay tuned to this blog.


2Dazzle aka 2illuminate
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Welcome man!
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Thanks dude,

I cannot believe the amazing content on this site and I have only just discovered RSD, I am totally into transforming chodes to pimps and my wife wants to participate as well.

we notice a lot of young guys lack confidence in themselves these days due to the way society has incorporated technology into our environment e.g XBox, Internet, Social Networking Sites, Text Messaging and Media B.S, this type of living causes people to express themselves in an isolated way not a social way.

More and more young people are struggling to socialise and have a fear of talking to people in real life but can say just about anything on their facebook page.

I have started taking out a few young guys where I live to help them grow socially and get comfortable around people, this is a big job as a lot of guys are even too scared to have an opinion on something. RSD are doing a great service to the fearful guys out there who want to reclaim their life back and take total control of who they are and the environment around them.
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Thanks man, appreciate it!

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