Dazzling Dynamics

Hey Guys

This story can show how the power of social dynamics works at it's best. 

I get approached by a random guy in the carpark of my local shopping center, he yells dude what are you up to? Im thinking to myself do I know this guy, but say back hey how ya doing, he keeps walking up and says man we had a great night.

Im a little confused, I say back to him,  what night?  he then mentions an event that happened a couple of weeks ago when a popular reggae band came into town, he mentions we met and had a convo.

I start remembering back and say oh yeah what a cool night it was, anyway to get to the point he says to me I was wondering if you wanna come to a party over my place with my flatmates? I said sure where and when.

He gives me details and I turn up with a six pack of beer, telling him im not staying long ( was not really in the mood that night) anyway  when I walk into the party everyone was being nice to me and I was just being totally present and in the moment, enjoying myself like I usually do, I also knew a few people there and started up a friendly convo.

Right at that moment the guy that invites me to the party says dude someone wants me to introduce you to them, I say cool lets go. He takes me straight to the hottest girls in the room and introduces me to just one of them.

Right then all the chodes are staring intently, these chicks are smokin hot but I keep my cool and stay centered.

I say to them,  how's it going?  I introduce myself to the other friend as well, chat a little and then say man it is cool talking with you girls but I gotta go. They say,  where?,  I said home.

They then ask me why I am going home,  and I tell them that Ive been up since 4:30am Im feeling tired and hungry and not in the mood to drink. They ask me if they can come with me since the party is boring, and they feel like a coffee anyway, I say sure whatever.

While walking to the our local 24 hour fast food restaurant  they start talking about the night where the reggae band played. They told me thats where they first noticed me. They were saying stuff like you were having a great time socialising with everyone in the club, you were the like the hottest guy in the room, we both had our eye on you, and were wondering if we would see you again.

I told them I was just enjoying myself that night having a good time. They then ask me a straight up question like,  can we come over to your house tonight, we got nuthin to do and like hanging out with you,  man this is crazy I thought, so I manned up and replied to the both of them.

Sorry girls I am not that type of guy and not looking to hook up with anyone tonight but lets swap numbers and maybe we can get together another night cool?, They both say cool lets swap numbers. I take them home and than I go back home.

To wrap up this story, I text these two girls on a regular basis, they are committed fuck buddies, they drop everything for me when I text them cause they know that and I have proven to them I am not a desperate needy guy, I am the selector, I got my shit together,  I do things where I want when I want, I am also a cool and friendly guy that can communicate whats on my mind.

They tell me that every chick they know wants to fuck me. This is the power of dynamics at its best and it happened one night just havin fun on my own. Thay noticed me that night, seeked me out and gave themselves to me because of the power of social dynamics.

Enjoy life, have fun, do what you wanna do and the rest will fall into place.


2Dazzle aka 2illuminate
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Cool story bro, and I mean that in a nonsarcastic way.
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