Dazzling Dynamics

Hey Guys

This story can show how the power of social dynamics works at it's best. 

I get approached by a random guy in the carpark of my local shopping center, he yells dude what are you up to? Im thinking to myself do I know this guy, but say back hey how ya doing, he keeps walking up and says man we had a great night.

Im a little confused, I say back to him,  what night?  he then mentions an event that happened a couple of weeks ago when a popular reggae band came into town, he mentions we met and had a convo.

I start remembering back and say oh yeah what a cool night it was, anyway to get to the point he says to me I was wondering if you wanna come to a party over my place with my flatmates? I said sure where and when.

He gives me details and I turn up with a six pack of beer, telling him im not staying long ( was not really in the mood that night) anyway  when I walk into the party everyone was being nice to me and I was just being totally present and in the moment, enjoying myself like I usually do, I also knew a few people there and started up a friendly convo.

Right at that moment the guy that invites me to the party says dude someone wants me to introduce you to them, I say cool lets go. He takes me straight to the hottest girls in the room and introduces me to just one of them.

Right then all the chodes are staring intently, these chicks are smokin hot but I keep my cool and stay centered.

I say to them,  how's it going?  I introduce myself to the other friend as well, chat a little and then say man it is cool talking with you girls but I gotta go. They say,  where?,  I said home.

They then ask me why I am going home,  and I tell them that Ive been up since 4:30am Im feeling tired and hungry and not in the mood to drink. They ask me if they can come with me since the party is boring, and they feel like a coffee anyway, I say sure whatever.

While walking to the our local 24 hour fast food restaurant  they start talking about the night where the reggae band played. They told me thats where they first noticed me. They were saying stuff like you were having a great time socialising with everyone in the club, you were the like the hottest guy in the room, we both had our eye on you, and were wondering if we would see you again.

I told them I was just enjoying myself that night having a good time. They then ask me a straight up question like,  can we come over to your house tonight, we got nuthin to do and like hanging out with you,  man this is crazy I thought, so I manned up and replied to the both of them.

Sorry girls I am not that type of guy and not looking to hook up with anyone tonight but lets swap numbers and maybe we can get together another night cool?, They both say cool lets swap numbers. I take them home and than I go back home.

To wrap up this story, I text these two girls on a regular basis, they are committed fuck buddies, they drop everything for me when I text them cause they know that and I have proven to them I am not a desperate needy guy, I am the selector, I got my shit together,  I do things where I want when I want, I am also a cool and friendly guy that can communicate whats on my mind.

They tell me that every chick they know wants to fuck me. This is the power of dynamics at its best and it happened one night just havin fun on my own. Thay noticed me that night, seeked me out and gave themselves to me because of the power of social dynamics.

Enjoy life, have fun, do what you wanna do and the rest will fall into place.


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The Blueprint is better than Pandoras Box and here are my reasons why.

After going through both courses the style of teaching is totally different. The Blueprint focuses on a deep level identity change and focuses on YOU and a transformation to a life of total abundance and freedom from identity and ego, where as Pandoras Box is focused all on the girl.

Pandoras box teaches you how to categorize a woman into 9 personality types that she falls into and this can be real confusing, but once you identify with her type you can adjust your game to suit her and change who you are so she will find you attractive, and give herself to you.

A chode will always be a chode and that is the problem I find with Pandoras Box although there is loads of useful information on reading women, there is very little or none on inner game and self actualization.

I have found The Blueprint to be one of the most profound self help products in the world and it is designed especially for the male.

I have gone through tons of self help material and spiritual development books from great authors like Anthony Robbins and Dale Carnegie, Napolean Hill, and other great authors on spiritual development like Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle, but The Blueprint has really made an impact on my life.

I like raving about this product because it has help me immensely in so many ways, I have felt a total life transformation a 180 degree turn for the better. I have changed in so many ways and the teachings in The Blueprint has proved itself in my life today.

Everything in my life has improved and abundance is all around me. Pandoras box is great but just does not have the power of transformation implemented into the system.

Hope this little insight helps someone out here looking for true success with women to make a wise investment into themselves and to help if you are looking for a real system.


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Hey Guys

Just a quick insight into what a dazzling dynamic is. Have you ever talked to someone from the opposite sex looked them in the eye and felt an electrical type feeling move through your body when your eyes engage? and you kinda get the feeling you want them?

If you have had this feeling before and are aware of it when this happens I like to  call it a dazzling dynamic. This is what happens when your genes are telling you that this person is your suitor.

A dazzling dynamic is a deep unconscious signal that moves through you and her at the same time. This happens to the two of you at that same moment of eye contact.

You feel it, she feels it.  It is an instant reaction of your genes communicating and signalling to each other that you and her are suitors.  Your genes are telling you to mix with hers and her genes are telling her to mix with yours.

The feeling is both ways, it is not imagined, you feel for her the same way she feels for you and the genes are desperately trying to get you together.

But there is a game to be played, If you are aware of knowing how to find your suitor you can just let the dynamics fall into place, the dazzling dynamic signal will always be true. You just have to let the circumstances allow for the right time and place.

Not everyone is a suitor for you and all guys have different suitors eg  A mate of mine finds girls that I find attractive average and the same goes for him. He will mention the hottie at the park walking the dog or standing at the bar and when I take a look she is just an average girl who doe's not attract me in any way and yet he is salivating over her.

When you can read into a dazzling dynamic and are aware she is your suitor you can feel confident that what you see in her she sees in you, nature has designed us with this innate ability to seek out our suitors and to know in an instant that yes she is a suitor for me.

the law of attraction will work in your favor if you trust in the dynamic, Once you get the feeling of the dazzling dynamic you need not worry if I can get her but more like when I can get her. Just chill make yourself comfortable and talk to her like you would a sister.

Learn how to feel the dazzling dynamic and when shes a suitor for you than you can proceed to game your suitor, not doing anything out of the ordinary but  just allowing yourself to being you, when your mind knows  you can have her  she will make her way to you and present herself to you so you can just take her and own her.

A great mindset to have in life is to treat all men older than you like you would your father, treat all women older than you like a mother, and treat people around the same age or younger than you as a brother or sister, once you use this type of mind frame when interacting with people they will see you as genuine real and honest and also down to earth, because you are communicating to them from an honest frame of mind with sincerity and respect.

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Hey Guys,

I joined this site to learn more about the deep identity level change that Tyler teaches in his Blueprint as well as learning about inner confidence and self actualization from the very talented executive coaches here at RSD, I also wanted to know more about the Company as well.

After three months here on RSDNATION all I can say is WOW! This site goes beyond how to pick up girls and teaches certain guys (chodes) about a total life transformation, completeness and freedom that Men rarely ever find in this world.

Real Social Dynamics is a unique concept that is cutting edge in the personal growth and self help field. RSD is the new cool and upbeat style of delivering powerful dynamic teachings for mastery in all areas of life.

RSD have combined the very best teachings on pick up, personal and spiritual development, social dynamics and social interactions as well as human psychology, self actualization and deep inner wisdom allowing for a total transformation in all areas of life socially, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally that will grow you into a complete person who is centered and at peace with themselves and the environment.

The total life transformation ( The Blueprint ) that Tyler teaches is what attracted to me to this site and if one is willing to incorporate the teachings from these kickass guys and apply the principles to everyday life you will have the ability to attract anything you want in life, not just women but the very best quality of life that can only be found through yourself and setting your standards at the highest level.

Do not live for pleasing others or making other people happy, when one is in total control of their lives they have no past, no future, no reference to social conditioning, ego or identity  they are completely free from all outcomes and are living in the present moment.

You see most guys need to detach themselves from themselves, most guys are their harshest critics in life and worst enemies cos their brains over analyse everything and forces them into a state of social conditioning to gain an insight of who they are and what they are, especially if they suffer rejection or are at a low point of their lives.

Dude just get out the way of yourself and start living, just live for the moment (being present) and take control of your life. Find out what you really want in life and who you really want to be and go all out to transform into that person and never look back.

I guarantee your lifes purpose will start to fall into place and the burden of just being alive will be replaced by an excitement to be alive.

You will start to emanate a vibe pure greatness around you and others, especially women,  they will feel your vibe and find your energy very appealing and attractive that they will want to always be around you feeding off your greatness. 

I can see this emanation of greatness coming out of all the coaches here on this site and although I am male and love women these guys are just so cool and I think they have a pure inner attraction to them that goes deeper than good looks.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the great job RSD are doing and I am happy to be a part of this great community. I would also like to share my experiences with you guys on how I have had over 100 threesomes with beautiful women but that will be revealed over time so if your keen on some great advice from a naturals perspective stay tuned to this blog.


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