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About Me: 
I am a student somewhere in So-Cal. I just started to teach myself about anything and everything to do about pick up. However, As I read shitty books to AWESOME BOOKS (Including Nine Ball), I started to read more into self-help books: Tony Robbins, Daniel Goleman, Dale Carnegie, Leil Lowndes, among others. I'm a bio major, but on my free time I go all over southern california to hone my skills and polish my game. I lost my "natural" game during my 4 year relationship with my ex-gf and now I'm slowly getting it back thanks to products from RSD. Natural game + Being aware of it, I think, is a revolutionary perspective into the GAME. Now that I finally know what to do with my life after 8 long years of turmoil and hardships, I'm going to take control of my life and just do things that make me completely happy. Thanks, in part, to the guys of RSD!
Day game, Night Game, Organic products, Lifting weights and staying healthy, reading self-help books, socializing, being spontaneous, sushi, anything italian, anything chinese, anything filipino, and all other types of foods, winging, feedbacking, etc.
Gym, reading, eating, having a good time, school, work, pool, swimming, traveling, etc.
Favorite Music: 
Alternative, hip hop, rock, some pop.
Favorite TV Shows: 
Dexter and Entourage.
Favorite Movies: 
Dark Knight, Gladiator, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Alfie (2004), A Good Year, The Departed, Confidence, Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Something's Gotta Give.
Favorite Books: 
Art of Seduction, The Game, Emotional Intelligence, Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within, Nine Ball, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Mastering Your Hidden Self, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, 33 Strategies of War, The Last Lecture, 48 Laws of Power, Magic Bullets, Physical Game, Mystery Method, NLP, Influence, How to Succeed with Women, Face Reading, among others.

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