Mr. Awesome

 -Mr. Awesome,

Thanx to my VP of NDT, he inspired me to talk to girls in my college.  And yesterday my confidence sky rocketed to the roof!  I was on the third floor reading The "A" Game, when this super-cute 7 sat on the bench next to mine. Of course, I was a big hesitant but I told myself, "It's now or never!" So I initiated an opener, she was messing with an ipod, but I played it off saying the was a new iphone.  Introduced myself and had a good 45 minute convo with her. Towards the end, I had asked if she had a bf. Which by the way, I knew I shouldn't have asked that and not cared. But it froze me up and I didn't end up asking for her number.
Next, I started to talk to the girl on my right who was sitting next to me the whole time I was chatting up the latina-7 on my left.  Had a good decent 20-30 minute convo, but mentioned she had a bf. Which I immediately brushed off and continued to flirt. Unsuccessful, but I did learn something valuable that day: Not caring what anyone says or thinks about me did help me to pushed through and just talk to women. Although, I didn't close, next time I know what to do and what not to do next. 

Feedback: Be aware on what I'm doing out in the "field". Don't think too much, live in the process, not expecting the or any outcome! Push through for a number close and an emotional close. (Leave 'em wanting more!)
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