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BY Julien January 27th, 2015
" How to get four times the results without having four times the game... Julien shows you how to play it SMART when you’re out. It’s simple, and you’ll get laid a ton more! "
20 Comments | 5,879 Views
BY Max~ January 25th, 2015
" Powerful, simple, short, “dazzling”! Get more girls with this TRUE WINNER mindset - field tested and crazy! "
24 Comments | 4,248 Views
BY Todd January 25th, 2015
" How To Show Intent. Let her know you're interested in a way that gets her MORE interested in you. Never be put in the friend zone and never bee creepy. This video explains it all. "
18 Comments | 5,389 Views
BY Julien January 23rd, 2015
" It's FINALLY HERE. Meet Me In Person, in Over 90 Cities... (Hurry, Bonuses ONLY Available IF You Sign Up Through Feb 6th!) "
47 Comments | 6,371 Views
BY Brad January 22nd, 2015
" Get a glimpse inside the VIP Retreat Persuasion Seminar, and learn the one big concept that stopped me from flipping out 45 feet beneath the ocean "
12 Comments | 3,628 Views
BY Tyler January 21st, 2015
" Tyler's interview goes deep into how modern media makes people into zombies. "
46 Comments | 13,953 Views
BY Julien January 19th, 2015
" Julien goes deep in the New York skyline to show you what it will take to embrace this process that will turn you into a BOSS for the rest of your life! "
51 Comments | 10,183 Views
BY Todd January 17th, 2015
" So often I see guys who have good game... in a technical sense. But they still see themselves as little boys and are looking for authority. Let me show you the solution. "
14 Comments | 5,695 Views
BY Max~ January 17th, 2015
" 45minutes of hardcore deep content that barely any PUA ever talks about + GERMAN INFIELD DAYGAME GUIDE + Bonus Endurance Video "
31 Comments | 7,036 Views





Day 10- Day Game on Campus

BY Steve711 January 28th, 2015

" Only had an hour to game today.  Got two phone numbers.  But Im seeing that I'm starti..."
Dr. Destruction

Los Angeles Free Tour 2015 Lessons

BY Dr. Destruction January 28th, 2015

" News and notes from this weekend's LA Free Tour, which featured 3 hours on non-stop Tyle..."

Julien World Tour payment via paypal

BY Nookie69 January 27th, 2015

" I want to attend the Julien World Tour in cologne but I want to pay via paypal. I sent a..."

Day 4 - Zanzibar Monday Salsa Night

BY protox January 27th, 2015

" Preparing for trip to mexico city early tomorrow.  Really had to push myself to go out ..."

Day 9: Day-game on Campus

BY Steve711 January 27th, 2015

" Today I hit the game on campus and got seven phone numbers.  All undergrads.  lol.  W..."

Day Sixteen

BY drapey January 26th, 2015

" 3 Most important sets:1) Two girls and got rejected for being too passive and incongruen..."
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