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BY Alex~ October 25th, 2014
" 5 HIGH VALUE Videos! Awesome Content Heading Your Way With Features Such as The Story Of Alex Before Pick-Up! How to Game In Other Languages and Ask Alex Anything!! "
2 Comments | 288 Views
BY Tyler October 24th, 2014
" Tyler goes off at Chicago Free Tour "
14 Comments | 7,232 Views
BY Ozzie October 23rd, 2014
" Discover the famous Marshmellow test and why one succeeds where others fail. "
10 Comments | 2,128 Views
BY jlaix October 22nd, 2014
" Surrounded by a shimmering nimbus of Golden, holy light, Jeff regales a Boston Free Tour crowd and introduces his comprehensive system for online game: THE PROGRAM. "
23 Comments | 12,151 Views
BY Julien October 19th, 2014
" Julien dives into how to place leverage on yourself to give you a significant boost in how fast you’ll learn to pick up girls, in addition to diving into his biggest fear, literally: FISH!!! "
20 Comments | 9,549 Views
BY Todd October 19th, 2014
" How many numbers can I get in two hours? Today I gave myself a little challenge. Just proves how easy it is to walk up to girls and get instant results ... and more importantly, it's FUN. "
28 Comments | 5,860 Views
BY Alex~ October 19th, 2014
" RSD Alex almost 4 YEARS ago. Revealing One of My Secret Weapons in The Game to Making Sure She Falls Hard. My Favorite POKEMON and The Controversial Boyfriend Video By My Assistant Valentino!!! "
33 Comments | 7,924 Views
BY Brad October 16th, 2014
" Alex visits me in Chicago, and we get down and dirty on how the pickup 'technology' has evolved over the last decade... "
12 Comments | 6,675 Views
BY Tyler October 15th, 2014
" 90 minute video from Summit goes deep on recognizing bad conditioning! "
51 Comments | 16,406 Views




Start believing

BY Bentley October 26th, 2014

" Yes today i got this girl number by luck,.maybe lolDamn she pretty hot. but today was s..."

Blokeman's 50-date Challenge, Date 9

BY blokeman October 25th, 2014

" 10/3/2014Numberclose from 6 days earlier. A Ukrainian cutie who said on the initial appr..."

FR 2014 10 24

BY Kokane October 25th, 2014

" FR 2014 10 24  BDBawlin’&Kokane  It was the weekend before Halloween, the spooky m..."

What is failure really

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" One lesson that has really stuck with me is that they're is no such thing as failure. On..."

Start living in the moment, avoid "creating problems for yourself

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" When your learning the art of actually having a clear mind you realize that for most of ..."

What being "rich" really is

BY TheWanderingNomad92 October 25th, 2014

" What a beautiful day. Thought up a good quote for you today. "Being rich is measured by ..."
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