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BY Todd November 24th, 2014
" Perhaps the most exciting pickup material released this year. You MUST check out this Valentine University module. "
6 Comments | 2,489 Views
BY Todd November 24th, 2014
" Hey... it's Todd, just finished bootcamp and hotseat in Philly and now I'm ready to bring you something really special.By the way, if you haven't checked out Valentine Univesity yet, get your FOUR F..."
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BY Todd November 22nd, 2014
" The Valentine University Webinar. Your Chance To Ask Me All Your Game-Related Questions "
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BY Todd November 22nd, 2014
" The First of Four Elements Critical To Your Success In Game... High-Level Theory "
9 Comments | 2,579 Views
BY Todd November 20th, 2014
" Finally, the program so good I put MY name on it! "
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BY Todd November 18th, 2014
" Learn To Master Your World Be Eliminating These Two Words From Your Vocabulary + 4 FREE BONUS VIDS "
28 Comments | 13,056 Views
BY Todd November 9th, 2014
" Two New Vids this week including the SEATTLE FREE TOUR and a video from my Australia tour earlier this year. Enjoy! "
15 Comments | 18,930 Views
BY Ozzie November 7th, 2014
" How to use internal boundaries in interactions. How to make her miss you (get your power back) "
34 Comments | 14,824 Views
BY jlaix November 4th, 2014
" Enjoy a brief Tuesday diversion from teh #DRAMA with Jeffy, broadcasting from last week's World Series celebration in SF. "
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sticking point online game

BY MasterPimpX November 26th, 2014

" Girls see a muscular guy on their profile and when I meet them I don't try to impress, I..."

Diary of an emotional passionate outburst, Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

BY liviodinaj November 26th, 2014

" First of all, lets get down to the lighthearted part:Opening Up by Tristan Taormino Su..."
David May

Long lost check-in

BY David May November 26th, 2014

" Well so much for that (blogging that is...)  I appear to have been too busy living life..."

Max is back! and #goodmatrim

BY Matrim November 25th, 2014

" He returns!Fuck yeah shit is already moving back to normal =). So Max takes up a subject..."

how do you classify successful in the game

BY Justin_Mack November 25th, 2014

"      I put alot of pressure on myself to be good, to get results and to basically alw..."

How to create awesome self help vblogs, and how to get the most out of them

BY liviodinaj November 25th, 2014

" Its only been 8 days since my last blog update,during that time, I nailed a new girl, lo..."
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