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BY Ozzie March 6th, 2015
" Afraid of Model Types? Why? How to Overcome it? "
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BY Brad March 5th, 2015
" Turn anxiety into excitement, and stress into confidence by managing your state "Like a Pro..." As well as a special opportunity to work with me, one-on-one... For FREE! "
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BY jlaix March 5th, 2015
" Jeffy relates the tale of his recent penis transplant surgery, and demonstrates a bold new physical escalation move: THE SPIN CLAW "
12 Comments | 2,370 Views
BY Tyler March 3rd, 2015
" Hit up Chicago at night with Tyler and Jeffy to discover psychological secrets to crushing it at game. "
36 Comments | 11,113 Views
BY Max~ March 1st, 2015
" Many guys do NOT know this: The THREE STEP SYSTEM (logical and repeatable) to full close. "
11 Comments | 4,524 Views
BY Brad February 26th, 2015
" It's the big day! Time to celebrate the launch with a special video wrapping up the entire Takeover Week... And an opportunity to buy Rapid Persuasion RIGHT NOW! "
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BY Brad February 25th, 2015
" Learn how to apply Strategic Marketing principles to your career, your business, or even your resume to Market Yourself Effectively and Amplify Your Income "
4 Comments | 3,468 Views
BY Brad February 23rd, 2015
" After spending half a decade creating HUNDREDS of little nuanced ultra specific dating techniques I've broken it down for you into 2 specific calibration techniques... Here's my favorite one! "
16 Comments | 6,943 Views
BY Brad February 22nd, 2015
" Learn EXACTLY how to create an Awesome Social Circle with lots of cool, successful friends that are Emotionally Invested in Your Success! "
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Don't look for Approval

BY Saz0618 March 6th, 2015

" This is going to be short but what i want to get through is that, in life you have many ..."

Third wave is in movment in Sweden

BY Matrim March 5th, 2015

" As the peace keeping movment is going in with the third wave, this one my little brother..."

(VIDEO BLOG) You Need To Jump in and See What Will HAPPEN

BY neXxt March 5th, 2015

" Well, I decided to make a video blog and explain about my night... The thing is, all I ..."

Day's 8-11

BY GCEnglish March 5th, 2015

" Sup bro's sorry again for the lack of updates life has been really keeping me busy. Howe..."
Dr. Destruction

Witnessing Julien At Miami World Summit

BY Dr. Destruction March 5th, 2015

" "One of the worst feelings would be being 70 and discovering game, knowing you have live..."

euforia and some sadness

BY Matrim March 4th, 2015

" OMG I am shifting right now between euforia and some sadness, all the emotional pain I h..."
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