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BY Max~ December 18th, 2014
" Tight-ass Free Tour exposing Max's personal ways to deal with life, pressure and sex. "
18 Comments | 5,443 Views
BY Tyler December 17th, 2014
" Go up river in the Napali Coast to discover secrets to moving through life! "
27 Comments | 10,021 Views
BY jlaix December 17th, 2014
" Jeffy talks about the pickup in the new video blog with a puppy "
13 Comments | 4,088 Views
BY Julien December 15th, 2014
" Julien teaches you what very well means the difference between having a girl interested in you, and looking around to be saved... "
20 Comments | 11,734 Views
BY Todd December 13th, 2014
" One of the questions I get asked most online, and something I definitely struggled with myself back in the day. Let me help you through it. "
9 Comments | 5,235 Views
BY Ozzie December 13th, 2014
" How to Be the Victor, How to Shop for Her "
13 Comments | 3,569 Views
BY Julien December 12th, 2014
" Julien explains the most RIDICULOUS excuses that hold you back from learning how to get good with girls! "
19 Comments | 12,932 Views
BY Tyler December 12th, 2014
" Fun @ Free Tour! "
46 Comments | 16,755 Views
BY jlaix December 10th, 2014
" Jeff reveals his burgeoning "man boobs" for the world to see. SFW "
20 Comments | 6,785 Views





Adding two things to my game.

BY Matrim December 21st, 2014

" Intent to use:Show the girls who I am,Get to know the girl see if we got things in commo..."

30 Day Challenge #7

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 21st, 2014

" Hey, Julien. Day 7! I was extremely busy due to work but I went to a friends graduation ..."

100% For Sure Lay Plan-field tested

BY MasterPimpX December 20th, 2014

"                                             ..."

Night out

BY blue18 December 20th, 2014

" Just posted a field report. I would appreciate you guys taking a look and giving me some..."

30 Day Challenge Day #6

BY BaldoMontesdeOca December 20th, 2014

" Day #6!  I was extremely busy today but I managed to stop at a local supermarket and do..."

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

BY Matrim December 20th, 2014

" So I have an intence desire to publish this here, they are The Seven Spiritual Laws of ..."
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