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BY Tyler October 9th, 2015
" Tyler 1hr+ Free Tour video goes deep on advanced game knowledge "
4 Comments | 1,546 Views
BY Ozzie October 8th, 2015
" Watch out for this simple secret to dominate groups called mirroring and how you can use it right now to impose your domain on groups. "
3 Comments | 725 Views
BY jlaix October 7th, 2015
" Your questions about Hotseat answered and the winner of the "Name Jeffy's Tour" contest revealed! "
16 Comments | 2,939 Views
BY Julien October 5th, 2015
" Tyler introduces Julien at Julien World Tour, reveals powerful mindsets on offering value, internal happiness, and being fulfilled. "
12 Comments | 6,622 Views
BY Max~ October 4th, 2015
" + INFIELD EXAMPLES: What's the cheapest date that STILL gives the girl hell of a good time? Should I pay for drinks? Should I buy roses or eat them myself? "
14 Comments | 3,529 Views
BY Tyler October 2nd, 2015
" Random riffs and chit chat in da house! Come join the convo! "
29 Comments | 9,383 Views
BY jlaix September 30th, 2015
" This day heralds the momentous arrival of the long-awaited JEFFY HOTSEAT NUMBER TWO... it's the shit "
19 Comments | 4,282 Views
BY jlaix September 29th, 2015
" This is it: the long-awaited infield trailer for Jeffy Hotseat Number Two. Prepare to be shocked and appalled. "
31 Comments | 8,991 Views
BY jlaix September 28th, 2015
" see the first infield clips from Jeffy Hotseat Number Two, and be whisked away to the 2015 RSD World Summit in Las Vegas "
6 Comments | 7,394 Views




day 3 of 30 day challedge

BY lindsayss October 9th, 2015

" super awesome night!!!!!!!! shitttttttt,got a numba!!!!!! i know, i know a number is not..."

Last minute resistance, what did i ever do to you?

BY DaveTheBrave October 9th, 2015

" "i dont do this the first night", are the words that are haunting me now. When everythin..."

3 Tips Every PUA Needs To Do Before Going Out

BY Justin_Mack October 9th, 2015

" What up pimps!!!I've been doing these 3 things every time I go out, with much success, a..."

FR 10/8/2015

BY RSDHouse October 9th, 2015

" Tonight was meh for the most part. I got really close to pulling. Here's what went down...."

Do Things For Their Own Fucking Sake: A Tale of Assfuckery

BY RSDXtro October 9th, 2015

" The pua's eyes glinted like a lost earring at the club. He began to sweat profusely. We ..."

Day 2 disaster + Update

BY _Nova_ October 9th, 2015

" Today i had day 2 with a girl that i met at a University which was close to mine. Quick ..."
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