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BY Brad July 30th, 2014
" More girls, more money, better health... with just one simple phrase. Kill the excuses and take control of your life right now! "
11 Comments | 2,996 Views
BY jlaix July 29th, 2014
" From LA Convention Center, Jeff relates the tale of how he got busted cheating in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY and what he learned from this horrific experience. "
11 Comments | 5,243 Views
BY Julien July 28th, 2014
" Be SMART, don't be a retard... "
18 Comments | 7,372 Views
BY Todd July 27th, 2014
" The webinar last week was such an incredible success and the reviews were SOOO good, that I just couldn't keep it to myself. I'm putting it out to the world! "
7 Comments | 5,967 Views
BY Alex~ July 26th, 2014
" Why do people like Russell Brand get away with so much....? Alex Dives into the powerful yet subtle Statement of Empathy! "
19 Comments | 6,339 Views
BY Tyler July 25th, 2014
" Hey there!WORLD SUMMIT 2014 is upon us!From August 3 - 9 every RSD instructor and our best natural friends will descend upon the pickup capital of the world - Las Vegas - for the most epic week you ..."
42 Comments | 13,542 Views
BY Ozzie July 24th, 2014
" How to move fast in your learning curve, how to know where you are in the learning curve "
8 Comments | 2,284 Views
BY Brad July 24th, 2014
" Get your life back in balance, and quit allowing success barriers to hold you back from achieving your goals! Plus learn a key principle in starting your own business. "
18 Comments | 3,842 Views
BY jlaix July 23rd, 2014
" Jeffy describes how his friend Evil Stifler gets into the club with an unorthodox form of identification, and gives away a pandurr shirt. "
17 Comments | 6,061 Views




Facin fear head on

BY jwetz August 1st, 2014

" Sup People.A huge part of my life and sobriety is fear.I struggle with fears on a day to..."

Baggin' in Chile

BY roquev8 August 1st, 2014

" So I'll be writing w.e lessons I need to hammer in my brain, since I feel that i've reac..."

​Power and ego the separation of the self

BY Matrim July 31st, 2014

"  So this is in story format as many things I write, it’s of the things that I put up ..."

K_O_H's Inner Game Learnings

BY K_O_H July 31st, 2014

" SUNDAYI went on a D3 with the girl from my last post. It did not go as well as it should..."

Zen back to the source

BY Matrim July 31st, 2014

" So today I came back to the source this time it was a more interesting experience than b..."

Game Is This

BY tommyhighlifer July 31st, 2014

" Getting extrodinary in game is really about learning to accept with full belief how boss..."
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