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BY Alex~ August 30th, 2014
" Your weekly saturday breakfast dose of inspiration, absurdity, amusements and information. Infield video and approach anxiety series instalment 2! "
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BY Brad August 28th, 2014
" RANT!! We are cutting the shit and getting right to the point in this week's video. Brace yourself from some much needed tough love :) "
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BY Tyler August 28th, 2014
" Tyler whisks you away to Las Vegas for the RSD World Summit! "
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BY jlaix August 26th, 2014
" Jeff introduces two powerful weapons from his pickup arsenal - the Sash of Glory and Booze Guitar. "
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BY Todd August 24th, 2014
" One of my biggest sticking points has always been that I am "too nice" and I'm sure I'm a bigger dickhead than most of you... so you do the math ;) "
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BY Alex~ August 23rd, 2014
" INSANE BLOG! four new videos. Alex Shows Videos Comparing His Game In 2009 to Now! The power of Saying No! And How To Calibrate Your Energy Levels Like An Pick-Up Coach "
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BY Ozzie August 22nd, 2014
" Vegas III "
9 Comments | 2,532 Views
BY Tyler August 22nd, 2014
" The whole crew goes deep at RSD World Summit 2014!! "
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BY Brad August 21st, 2014
" In this week's video I share the TOP 7 most influential books I've ever read -- including a MUST READ for anyone even thinking about being an entrepreneur... "
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Day-Game Insta-Date Anal.

BY K_O_H August 30th, 2014

" Today I did not approach 5 girls during day. I only approached one. And got an insta-dat..."

27-29th of August, the beginnings. Hard but doable.

BY .Mickey. August 30th, 2014

" Hello fellow pickupers,I am now sitting after 3 first days of my journey. By looking bac..."

Flyin Solo: Most approaches done alone, first mixed sets, most fun I have had in an evening without getting laid.

BY Dominant August 30th, 2014

" So tonight I decided to come in to the game with a diffent attitude. Out of the ashes of..."
Dr. Destruction

Things That Crack Me Up About San Francisco Continued...

BY Dr. Destruction August 30th, 2014

" As a sequel to last night's post, here's some more things that crack me up about Nine..."

Playing the field

BY Mattsauce69 August 30th, 2014

" Getting rejected-After watching Max's video on getting rejected, which encourages going ..."

hardcase newbie coming from not not not abundance

BY chpowers August 30th, 2014

" ~~Beginnings: (I apologize in advance for the long drawn out sob story, this was only su..."
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