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BY Max~ November 29th, 2015
" PICKUP ISN'T FAIR! How To Deal With It & How To Get The Universe On Your Side - Work Ethic Ahoi! "
16 Comments | 2,302 Views
BY Todd November 29th, 2015
" I've Taught You How To Get Her There, Now Learn What To Do Once She's There "
7 Comments | 2,731 Views
BY RSDLuke November 27th, 2015
" Luke Reveals his VERBAL and PHYSICAL methods for having the most fun on every night out and how you can take the weight off of your shoulders to enjoy yourself! "
15 Comments | 4,014 Views
BY Tyler November 25th, 2015
" Insane video goes DEEP on OWNING who you are! "
23 Comments | 9,403 Views
BY Max~ November 22nd, 2015
" A video that was way too long overdue. Finally putting a lid on all the bullshit about "my city is so hard to game in!" BONUS: MAX FEATURED WITH "
28 Comments | 7,038 Views
BY Todd November 21st, 2015
" The locks are gone! Here are some quick cheat codes for fashion and style. "
16 Comments | 5,731 Views
BY RSDLuke November 19th, 2015
" Luke shares how his cold approach game quickly built his Social Circle over time. "
12 Comments | 6,266 Views
BY Ozzie November 19th, 2015
" How to take over big groups and isolate girl quickly. How to constantly reduce your ego. "
5 Comments | 2,938 Views




70 дней высокой эффективности. День 15 ("Красный дракон")

BY DrewYak7 November 30th, 2015

" Красный драконЗабавно, но одним из самых ярких с..."

Hustle For The Sake Of Hustling

BY Justin_Mack November 30th, 2015

"    I noticed when I struggle with my game its almost like I create the struggle for my..."

Picked up girl from DNA again...did coke, smoked weed and banged

BY ~DiamondCreator~ November 30th, 2015

" I went to DNA last Saturday (as usual). I decided to open the first set I saw after walk..."

70 дней высокой эффективности. День 13 и 14 ("Новый финансовый рекорд и ранний подъём")

BY DrewYak7 November 29th, 2015

" Про день №13Вчера я был немного уставшим и не оче..."

2016 Book List

BY MasterPimpX November 29th, 2015

" ~~Leisure ListAtlas Shrugged –Ayn RandThe Fountainhead- Ayn RandA New Earth – Eckhar..."

2015 Recap of My Pick Up Year and Sticking Points

BY MasterPimpX November 29th, 2015

" 2016 Leisure ListAtlas Shrugged –Ayn RandThe Fountainhead- Ayn RandA New Earth – Eck..."
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